From top 10 - Lesbian Erotic Stories: Heather and Sarah  

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From top 10 - Lesbian Erotic Stories: Heather and Sarah

My name is Heather, and my first sexual experience with another
person was with my cousin, Sarah. We lived up north and Sarah came
to stay with us after her parents split up. During a severe blizzard,
it was all the furnace in our house could do to keep up with the
cold. Sarah and I shared a large bedroom upstairs. She was already
in bed, and I was moving as fast as I could to keep warm as I put on
my T-shirt. Over-sized football T-shirts and panties were what we
slept in. Just as I was about to climb in my bed, Sarah said to get
in with her first and she would warm me up.

I turned out the lights and scrambled under the blankets. Sarah
rapped her arms around me and rubbed my back and legs. She said my
hands felt like ice cubes and told me to put them between her legs
where she could warm them. She squeezed them as she vigorously
rubbed me all over. Soon I realized she was pressing her crotch
against my hands. This was definitely warming me up fast. Her right
hand moved down my back and around my ass, her fingers tracing the
inside of my crack, pressing my panties into it.

With our bodies intertwined and the blankets over our heads, I
quickly forgot about the blizzard outside. As Sarah continued to
push against my hands, I realized her crotch was getting wet; not
from sweat, but from the same sticky flow that covered my fingers
when I masturbated. She moved in a slow steady rhythm, squeezing my
hands tight. I could feel her breath on my face, and in the dark our
lips touched. The tip of her tongue moved across my lips gently
pushing them apart. At the same time, her hand was between my legs
and her finger worked its way under the edge of my panties. My heart
pounded, unsure what was happening but not wanting her to stop.

Sarah's tongue was like a feather brushing across my lips. I opened
my mouth and she explored the warmth inside. Then her finger found
my slit. This was the first time anyone had ever touched me there,
and it sent a shudder through my body. I opened my legs and she slid
her finger inside me. I thought I would faint as a wave of
excitement swept over me. Suddenly, my hand was inside her panties
feeling her soft hair, my fingers searching. I was eagerly returning
her kisses now, our tongues moving in and out, sharing the heat of
our mouths.

I found her clitoris, and as I touched it, she quivered and moaned,
spreading her legs for me. My body was wet with sweat, my crotch
soaked. I had smelled my own arousal many times when I fingered
myself, but now there was something new: Sarah's scent drifted up to
me. Knowing I made her wet left me dizzy with excitement.

We were both breathless, our hearts pounding, our bodies wound
together like a knot. We climaxed at the same time, fighting to keep
from crying out and awakening my parents. As I tried to catch my
breath, I brought my hand to my face. It was covered with Sarah's
juice, and I touched it to my lips, tasting another girl for the
first time. It was the most intimate, sensual feeling I had ever
experienced. I was light-headed, scared that it was only a dream.
Tasting her was intoxicating, and I craved her soft moans in my ears
again. What a delicious secret: my cousin who slept in the same room
with me had the power to take me to heaven, and I her. Rapture
washed over me as I thought of all the possibilities. But the best
was yet to come.

Each night, we would wait until we were sure everyone in the house
was asleep. Then, as the wind howled outside, we would be under the
covers, touching and kissing. Sometimes, Sarah would awaken in the
middle of the night, shed her panties, and tiptoe across the room to
my bed. While I slept, she would slip under the covers, her hands
finding the warmth between my legs. Her tongue would move across my
nipples making them hard, and I would wake up with her fingers
already inside me, her mouth on mine. The next morning, I would
wonder if it had really happened or had it just been a delicious

One night as we made love, Sarah took her finger out of me and slid
it into her own wet vagina. Then she touched it to my lips so I
could taste us both. She kissed me and whispered that she wanted to
try something new. I asked what she meant, and she said she saw it
in a magazine-I'd learn soon enough. Sarah liked to suck on my
nipples while she fingered me, but this time she didn't stop at my
breasts. She moved her mouth down my stomach and let the tip of her
tongue explore my navel sending shock waves through me. Then she
moved down further, licking my soft hair like a mother cat. I was
already soaked and swollen from our foreplay; my clitoris was hard
and exposed. When her tongue touched it, I saw stars.

She moved around so she could lay between my legs and I quickly
wrapped them around her head to hold her there. I pinched my nipples
while Sarah's tongue went inside me for the first time. As she
sucked on my clitoris, she inserted a finger, then two, then three,
driving me to the edge of orgasm. I couldn't wait to lick her.

I climaxed as I rocked back and forth, and she reached up and
squeezed my nipples sending me deeper into ecstasy. Then she got on
her hands and knees, crawled up and kissed me hard, her mouth wet
with the taste of my girl-cum. She let me kiss and licked it off her
mouth and cheeks. Next, she swung her leg over me and moved her ass
toward my face until it was only inches away. Then she lowered her
head and ate me with a renewed hunger. I reached up and pulled her
to me, her scent filled my nostrils. My heart raced as I kissed and
licked her. This was beyond my wildest dreams. Tasting and smelling
her at the same time made my head spin. My tongue slipped inside,
and her wet sex flowed out. I caressed her ass and legs, reaching
under to hold her breasts and squeeze her nipples. Then I spread her
open with my fingers and sank my tongue deep inside. We must have
climaxed a dozen times together that night as I realized that I
couldn't get enough of Sarah; I wanted to make love to her forever.

* * *

Sarah's mother came for her a few months later. The night before she
left, we held each other and cried. I couldn't believe my sweet
Sarah would soon be gone. I wanted to kill myself but she said that
would mean we would never be together again. On the day she moved
away, she gave me a small box and said to smell what was inside
whenever I missed her. Sarah had a special perfume that I loved and
I thought that might be what was in the box. But that night when I
was alone, I opened it to find a pair of her panties. Holding them
to my nose, I realized Sarah had fingered herself through the
material soaking them with a seductive reminder of my lover's arousal.
I kept her panties under my pillow and would breathe in her
fragrance each night while I masturbated.

Over the next year, we spoke on the phone a few times when my mother
would let me call. I told Sarah how I laid awake at night touching
myself and wished it were her between my legs. She told me she
dreamed of making love to me and would wake up breathless, her crotch
socking wet. Then our mothers had a falling out and we were not
allowed to call. I did not see Sarah again for almost 10 years.

I lost my virginity to a boy in my science class. Throughout high
school, I dated a lot of boys and thought I'd fallen in love at least
half a dozen times. But I always knew that Sarah owned a piece of my
heart, a piece I could never give to anyone else.

Two years out of college, I was working in an advertising agency
writing copy for television commercials. As I sat at my desk one day
typing away on my computer, the phone rang.



"It's Sarah."

It took a second before it hit me. I opened my mouth but nothing
came out. My palms turned clammy, my body quivered. The phone
almost slipped from my hand. "Sarah," I said finally, although it was
more of a moan than a word. "Where are you?"

"Close by."

My brain flooded with memories: the sound of her bare feet coming
across the wooden floor to my bed; the rush of excitement knowing she
would be naked; the heat of her breath on my neck; the sweet scent of
her arousal; the warm dampness between her legs; and the salty taste
of her skin covered with sweat. My body went limp and I could not
have stood up if my life had depended on it. I couldn't believe the
sudden wave of erotic emotion that swept through me, the yearning
between my legs. She told me the name of her hotel. "When can I see
you?" I asked, hoping no one in the office could see my heart
pounding against my chest.

"I'm here for you now."

The words blurred my vision. She said her room number and hung up
before I could tell her I was coming.

I told my boss I wasn't feeling well and would like to leave early.
I must have looked a wreck for he didn't hesitate to let me go.

I ran out of the building to my car. Her hotel was only a few miles
away, and when the valet handed me the parking receipt, he must have
thought I was going to faint. My pulse raced, my face was flushed.
I walked across the lobby on shaky legs and pushed the button for her
floor. A moment later I stood in front of her door. With a knot in
my stomach and eyes wide with anticipation, I knocked. The door
opened and my sweet, beautiful Sarah stood there smiling her wicked
little grin. Her eyes gleamed with a secret kept too long. She
reached out and took my hand leading me into the room. When the door
closed, she stepped back and let me look at her. She was tall even
in her bare feet. Her body was firm and her auburn hair flowed down
to her shoulders. She wore only a T-shirt which immediately brought
a smile to my face.

"You took too long," she said, and took me in her arms. What
started as a friendly hug quickly turned into groping as her mouth
found mine, her hands frantically working to undress me. I covered
her face and neck with kisses as she stripped me down to bra and
panties. She looked down at my black silk panties, the front soaked
and glistening. "You're already wet." she said, and knelt in front of
me. With her face only inches away, she gently slid my panties down
my legs. I stepped out of them and Sarah brought them up to her face,
cupping the delicate material over her nose and breathing in deeply.

"You smell so good," she said, "just like I remember." Then, while
she locked her eyes on mine, she slowly licked the sticky girl-cum
off the inside of the crotch. As I watched this incredibly sensual
act, I became dizzy and had to fight to keep from falling. Finally,
she leaned forward and gave my vagina the softest, most tender kiss.
Sarah stood and reached behind me to undo my bra, whispering, "If I
don't have you in the next thirty seconds, I'm going to explode."

"Then hurry," I said, feeling moisture drip down the inside of my

My bra dropped to the floor and she lead me toward the bed, our
mouths trying to taste as much of each other along the way as we
could. I slipped her T-shirt over her head and she dropped back on
the bed, pulling me down on her. Her body felt wonderful under me,
her legs wrapping around me like she would never let go. Suddenly,
she stopped kissing me and looked deep into my eyes. "I've wanted you
a million times every day."

"Then stop counting." I brushed the hair from her face. "I'm here,
and I'm yours."

She rolled me over and her lips found my nipples. From one to the
other, she frantically tried to make up for ten years of unquenched
desire. Soon, she worked her way down between my legs and drank the
nectar that flowed from me like she was dying of thirst. I lay back
and let her make love to me knowing my turn would come soon, I would
have her completely. And I did. Through the afternoon and late into
the night, we rediscovered all the things that had pleased us so long
ago and quickly found a whole new world of pleasures learned in the
time since.

"I won't let you go," I said as we lay beside each other, my fingers
softly tracing her breasts and nipples.

"You won't have to. I've tried to forget you, tried to live without
you, but nothing worked. No matter what I do, I always imagine what
it would be like with you. I finally realized I was a fool to go on
without the one thing in the world I needed most. Heather, I need
you more than air."

I raised up on one elbow and touched her face. In the soft light
coming through the window, I saw a tear form at the edge of her eye.
I kissed the salty drop away and said, "I love you forever."

"Not long enough," she whispered, and turned her face to find my

We were both crying now with tears of joy. We had professed our
love at last and I realized I wanted her even more. We made love
again with a passion that had burned inside us for over ten years.
This time nothing would separate us. This time we would be together

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