Debbie - Erotic Lesbian Story  

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Debbie - Erotic Lesbian Story

Lisa left work two hours early so she would have a chance to prepare for her up
coming blind date. She had answered an ad in the paper that said, 'Friendly,
attractive fun-loving SWF, 28, 5'5, brown hair/eyes, slim. Seeks out-going,
romantic SF.'

At first Lisa had no intention of answering the ad. Looking for love in the
personals had always struck her as being a bit desperate, but after several
hours of considering the alternative, which was spending another weekend alone,
she picked up the phone and dialed.

The next day she received a reply from Debbie. She was very open and honest
about what she was looking for and Lisa knew she wanted to meet her as soon as
possible. She gave Debbie her home phone number and was delighted when she
called her. They chatted for several hours after which Lisa invited her over for

Lisa's head was still swimming with the thought of meeting Debbie. They were so
much alike. Same age, same taste in food, both loved Italian. Enjoyed the same
movies and both loved to dance cheek to cheek. They had even vacationed in the
same place last year, Cabo San Lucas. Debbie was also quite open about sex,
which Lisa found to be refreshing. She wasn't into playing any mind games.
Debbie was perfectly honest and
open every step of the way.

Lisa had cleaned her house the day before and had put new sheets and pillow
cases on the bed that morning. A bottle of white wine chilled in the
refrigerator as well as a special strawberry dessert that they could enjoy as
the evening progressed. As Lisa passed through the kitchen she turned on her
answering machine. Don't want any interruptions, she thought.

Once she was satisfied everything was in order, she showered and dressed. She
had decided to wear her burgundy, scoopneck dress under which she had put on her
sexiest lingerie. A black lace merrywidow, with plunging V-front and thong
bikini panties. Lisa put a slight curl in her normally stick straight blond
hair. With one last look in the mirror she declared herself ready.

At 7:05 the door bell rang. Lisa's drew a deep breath as she opened the door.
There she was...

"Hi, my name is Debbie," she said, a wide smile adoring her face and her hand
held out.
"Come in, so nice to finally meet you," Lisa said as she took Debbie's hand. She
lead her to the living room.
"Can I get you a glass of wine?"
"I would love that," Debbie said.
Lisa returned with two glasses and an open bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.
After pouring she handed Debbie a glass. "Here's to an eventful evening."
Debbie returned Lisa's warm smile.

Lisa sat next to Debbie, she put her wine glass down and leaded over and kissed
Debbie full on the mouth. Debbie's eyes widened. Lisa noticed that Debbie had
tensed up. Maybe I'm moving to fast, she thought and started to move away, but
before her lips broke from the kiss, Debbie opened her mouth and let the tip of
her tongue touch against Lisa's. Now this is more like it, Lisa thought. They
had talked about wanting to kiss each other on the phone. It was one thing Lisa
couldn't wait to do.

As their tongues explored each others mouths, Lisa could feel her nipples harden
and rub against the fabric of her bra. They so desperately wanted to be free,
almost achingly so. Debbie brought her hand up to cup Lisa's face and in doing
so brushed lightly against Lisa's breast. Lisa gasped and moaned into Debbie's
mouth. Instinctively, Debbie let her hand linger on Lisa's breast. She opened
her hand and pressed her palm on to Lisa's fleshy bosom. Lisa brought her hand
down from Debbie's neck and cup her breasts. She gently squeezed her breast,
mirroring the action that was being done to her. Debbie was wearing a green silk
blouse and Lisa could feel every contour of her breast as she was not wearing a

Her breasts were much smaller than Lisa's and she need not wear a bra. Lisa
undid a single button on Debbie's blouse and slipped her hand in. Her fingers
fanned out over her small tit, rubbing her nipple up and down. Their mouths
where one, as was the beating of their hearts. Lisa's breath quickend as Debbie
worked at slipping the dress off her slender shoulders. Lisa pulled away, stood
up and let her dress fall to the floor. She wanted to show off her sexy

"Wow," Debbie managed to say. She stood up and wrapped her arms around Lisa,
planting another kiss on her moist lips. As they kissed, Lisa unbuttoned her
blouse and pulled open. She cupped her tiny tits, playfully rolling her nipples
between her thumb and index finger.

"I didn't expect all this attention," Debbie continued as Lisa kissed down her
neck. Each kiss moving closer to her waiting nipples. Lisa opened her mouth and
was able to engulf all of Debbie's right breast. She covered her nipple with her
tongue and circled it over and over again. Debbie moaned loudly.

Lisa ran her hand over Debbie's slacks, reaching around to cup the cheek of her
ass, then moving around and up over the zipper. She found the silver tab and
pulled downward. Debbie moaned louder this time as the sound of the zipper being
undone reached her ears. Lisa reached inside and felt the smooth fabric of her
panties. She moved her fingers along the edge of the waist band. Debbie helped
out by undoing the button that held her slacks up, once undone they dropped to
the floor. Lisa slide her hand into Debbie's panties and skirted her pubic hairs
with the tip of her fingers.

Debbie pulled Lisa way from her breast and kissed her passionately. Debbie
fondled Lisa's breasts with one hand while sliding her left hand under her thong
bikini panties. Lisa ran her fingers into Debbie's valley. She found her
entrance and slipped her middle finger into her moist tunnel, then drew her
wetness up and rubbed it on her clit. Debbie followed suit, her fingers swam in
Lisa's vagina.

"Oh, Lisa. You are so wet!"
"You too," Lisa moaned, "I'm so hot for you. Tell me what you want me to do, I
want to please you in every way possible."
"You're doing that right now."

Debbie's mouth found Lisa's again and they kissed deeply. Lisa rocked her hips
forward pushing the back of her lovers hand against hers. Together they found a
rhythm, slowly at first. Their fingers gliding over swollen lips. Lisa felt
Debbie's fingers pressing on her clitoris. A wave of pleasure over came her and
she moaned loudly.

"That's right dear, come for me," Debbie whispered in her ear. "Let yourself
Lisa closed her eyes and her breath came in short choppy bursts. She screamed
out, letting go completely. Debbie held her shaking body close to hers.

After she had recovered, Lisa asked Debbie to sit on the couch, then she knelt
between her legs, she hooked her fingers into Debbie's panties and pulled them
off, then she pushed her creamy thighs apart. Lisa lowered herself to Debbie's
flower, kissing her fragrant lips, then licking her way up and down her pussy.
She flicked her tongue at her clit and smiled as Debbie groaned loudly. She
fingered her entrance as she sucked and licked at the small hard ball that would
soon bring her to release. Lisa guided her tongue lovingly over the fleshy
folds, licking first up one side then the other. Debbie reached down and held
herself wide so every inch of Lisa's tongue would travel over her silky smooth

Lisa closed her mouth over her clit and pulled it and the surrounding skin into
her mouth. Debbie's moans became louder and as Lisa's tongue worked her clit she
felt that moment under her tongue that told her Debbie was cuming. Debbie bucked
and rolled her hips. Her wetness cascading over Lisa's fingers. Lisa continued
to work her sweet vagina even after she had crested. Gently pushing and pulling
inside her.

"That felt so good Lisa, thank you."
"The pleasure was all mine. But I hope you don't mind if we repeat this a few
more times tonight?"
"I would like that," Debbie said.
"I should check on dinner," Lisa said as she stood up. She took Debbie by the
hand and lead her to the kitchen.

"Oh, look you have a message," Debbie said when she noticed the answering
machine. Lisa ignored it.
"Aren't you going to listen to it?"
"I don't think I'll have time to return anyone's calls tonight."
"Go ahead, I don't mind. It might be important."
Lisa nodded and pressed the button to let her hear the message.
"Hi Lisa, it's Debbie. Sorry dear but I can't make it to your place tonight. I'm
really sorry, but I will make it up to you I promise. Please call me tomorrow.

Lisa's mouth dropped open. She looked at the woman standing opposite her.
"I don't understand?" Lisa said. "You're not the woman from the news paper ad?"
Debbie shook her head.
"I called you two weeks ago about having you make a dress for me. You asked me
to come over and look at patterns, remember?"
Lisa brought her hand to her mouth. "Oh, I completely forgot."
"That's okay, but I hope this doesn't mean our evening has come to an end?"
Debbie placed her arms around Lisa and gave her a hug and kissed her gently.
"I think we still have a lot of exploring to do."
Lisa smiled. She placed her hands on Debbie's bare bum and pulled her close.
"I can only imagine what you must have thought when I started kissing you?"
"I thought your really wanted to make a sale." Debbie laughed.
"Adds a new meaning to customer satisfaction, doesn't it?"
"Yes it does," Debbie said. "And it looks like satisfaction is guaranteed!"

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