A new day  

eroticseacher1 65M
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7/28/2006 1:26 pm
A new day

Hello! to any traveler along thispath. Thank You! for stopping in for an update of my activities.
I am still enjoying wonderful e-mail role play with a special lady on line. In our fantasy play, we have probed around with anal play, dominance/submission also oral pleasure.We have visted a sexually oriented boutique and found some new toys to explore. The other day I was place in a harness then rendered inmoblile for her pleasure. She brought the idea of another in the room because I was blindfolded and I did not know who would be in the room. She left the room and several minutes later. I heard another person enter the room but it was not my lad. She was aggresive and rough in her play. She left after some time and the lady returned to the room. The other person seemed to be gone from the room. After completing our releases of cum and release from bondage we had a talk about this mystery person. It was her playing another role or person.
I am still looking for other to0 share in my journey. I want a special invitation to all woman and me, that you have seen my profile,put me on your hot list,or have made a case for strong interest in me. Please !!! I need the 1st contact to come from you. I really want to touch base with those within 30 miles of New Ulm, MInnesota. You, who have shown interest, I have a strong interest in chating with you. You can make a blog comment or send me an E-mail hereat flirting passions. Thank You!!!!

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