The night web cam sex becam real...  

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4/18/2006 6:51 pm

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The night web cam sex becam real...

I was chatting with the women that I met in the masturbation chat room on yahoo one night. It was late on a Saturday night and although both of us had earlier dates and had had gotten laid we both ended the evening wanting some more satisfaction. I laughed as she explained to me how she was with an older guy that night and he was having trouble keeping it up. I guess he had forgotten his Viagra she told me. She had to keep sucking on him to keep him hard and when he was finally able to get him into her hot wanting pussy he cam in an instant. She sent him home right away wanting yearning for something better. My date was not a whole lot better. I was really trying to get her going by having the animalistic sex that I love so much. No matter how much I licked and touched and kissed her, she pretty much just lay there and moan a little. She also gave the worst BJ I have ever had. I got her wet, pounded her until she came, came myself and sent her on her way. She also had a really hairy pussy that bugged the crap out of me.

That’s how we both ended up in a chat room. We started off by complaining about our dates and how horny we were. We both ended up on our webcams doing mutual masturbation. After about an hour of some hot chat and admiring her b sized breasts and cleanly shaven pussy we then decided to call each and have a little phone sex with the cams. She had a tight little body that was making my nine inch cock stand at total attention. I told her I wanted to lick that pussy so badly. She asked me where I lived. Ironically she only lived a mile away! She told me to come to her house and not take a shower because she loved the smell of sex and wanted to smell the sex of the other woman on me. She also told me to only wear a robe with nothing underneath.

I arrived at her house in less then ten minutes with a raging hard on. She opened the door in total nude except for some high heals that made her stand close to 5’8”. I quickly noticed her bright blue eyes and long blond hair. Our eyes met briefly but my eyes quickly traveled down to her very nicely shaped breasts noticing that her nickel sized nipples were erect from the cool night air. My eyes continued to travel down her flat stomach to her nicely shaved pussy making my mouth water with anticipation. She had the most amazing legs and I could only help but wonder how her date could not keep it up!

I dropped my robe to the floor while shutting the door behind me and took her into my arms giving her a deep passionate kiss. I could feel her breasts against my chest as our genitals found one another. I pulled her in tighter as our kiss began to get deeper. Her tongue swirled in my mouth teasing me. As I picked up light body to carry her to the bed room while she wrapped her legs tightly against my waist allowing her hot throbbing pussy to grind against my hot wanting cock. I cold feel her wetness as we began to grind. We continued to grind and kiss as I carried her up the stairs to find her bedroom. I found the room and gently laid her on the bed while spreading her legs apart to get a better look at her beautiful parted lips.

She then looked me up and down then lingered on my hard erect cock. “Now that is what I wanted earlier!” she said.
“And you shall have it!” I replied.
I then laid myself on top of her and once more began to kiss her sweet lips. As we made out things began to get more heated as our bodies became more involved grinding and groaning together. I then cupped her left breasts with my hand massaging it as I kissed my way down her neck stopping to linger on her right nipples. She began to arch her back with a pleasurable response. My mind was racing with the beautiful vision of her pussy and how bad I wanted it. While I messaged her breasts with both hands as I kissed and licked my way down her stomach to top of her pussy pausing only to blow gently on it. She moaned with delight and arched her self up toward my mouth. I repositioned my body so that my cock was now toward her face and I could get a good position to taste her goods. With out hesitation she took my cock into her mouth. And comment that she loved the smell of the sex on my body. She was an expert and knew what she was doing in the area of oral satisfaction! I then began to lick the outer edges of her lips listening and feeling her gentle moans as she sucked my cock. I started to lick her entire pussy starting from her clit and working my way slowing to her anus as she moaned. It tasted amazingly sweet. Before I knew it my entire face was buried in her pussy as she deep throated my cock. After some time of this her body began to twitch and convulse with pleasure as she let go of my cock with her mouth and yelled “fuck me now!”
I lingered a bit and when I was sure she was about to cum I repositioned myself face to face and began to kiss her as I slowly slid my cock into her wanting lips. I took time to relish how her pussy lips felt as I entered her. Every woman feels slightly different and she was one of those that felt amazing. Once I was deeply inside of her I began to hold her extremely tight and gave her a few quick lunges with my large cock as she cried out for more. Locked in a deep kiss we caught a rhythm starting slowly then getting deeper and harder. I decided to surprise her by mixing up the hard thrusts with soft one. She quickly became on the verge of climaxing so I rolled her face down on the mattress and entered her from behind. She moaned with pleasure as I began to pound her while grabbing the base of her beautiful blond hair and began to tug on it pulling her toward my pounding cock. With my other hand I put my thumb on her anus and began to apply pressure to it. She responded with pure delight and began to cum. As she let go so did I releasing my load into her eager lips. We both collapsed on the bed as my cock continued to throb and release hot cum into her. We lay for sometime before she finally said “Now that was a great recovery from a night that started out badly!”

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4/18/2006 7:44 pm

Wow! Talk about "make up" sex! lol....glad you two had a great time.

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