My wife catches me playing online with a couple!  

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6/8/2006 2:26 pm

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My wife catches me playing online with a couple!

Sometimes late at night when my wife is a sleep I like to go down and sit at our kitchen table and write erotic stories. I also have a few online playmates that I, on occasion, webcam with and exchange naughty pictures. I have even posted a few pictures on an adult website that gets me a fair amount of attention and satisfaction loving that some women write me telling me they like to get off looking at my pictures.

Last night when I was pretty sure that my wife was asleep I went down to the kitchen to chat with a couple that I had made friends with sometime ago. On occasion we would get together and I would get off on my web camera as I watched them fuck. I even had a couple of ex-girlfriends that would join in the fun with me. When I met my wife I gave up the online thing due to her somewhat conservative nature. I liked her so much that I did not want to screw things up by telling her about my secrete desires. Many women think it is wrong and do not like it. For some time I gave up the online playing. However, I was unable to give it up forever. I eventually got an email from an old online fiend wanting to play. I could not resist her hot little body so I got online with her and had a great time. I had forgotten how much fun it was and soon started playing with many of my old online friends. Tonight was no exception and I was hot with anticipation of seeing Tiffany and Scott fuck each other like wild animals.

I sat down at the kitchen table wearing only my boxers. My cock was already hard with anticipation. I turned on the computer and logged in. I instantly got a message from Tiff and Scott. They invited me to view their cam and I returned the favor. Tiff was already naked and was sitting there showing me her beautiful face that had an expression of pure ecstasy. I also noticed that the nipples on her lovely c sized breasts were rock hard as she messaged then. She immediately panned the camera down and I could see that Scott had his face buried into her thighs devouring her hairless pussy. Well, that explained the expression on her face. “Show me that big one” she typed. So I stood up with my boxers still on to tease her. Right away she told me to drop them. I let my boxer fall to the floor and exposed my very hard nine inch cock for her to view. “Damn I wish I could suck that while he is licking me! Stoke it for me!” She typed. I did as she wanted and reached down and started to stroke my hard cock as I watched her get eaten by Scott.

I was having such a great time and feeling so good that I forgot about my surrounding. I was glued to the computer screen when I heard a noise. I looked up and saw my wife looking at me. She was wearing her big fluffy white robe. She did not say anything as she slipped the robe off of her shoulders and it fell to the floor exposing her very sexy naked body. My head was spinning trying to come up with some reason as to why I was standing there completely naked with my hard cock in my hand exposing myself to a woman on my webcam. As I was searching for words she came over put her hand on my cock then dropped to her knees. She immediately took it into her mouth and started to suck like she was a desperate porn star. I glanced back at the computer screen and noticed that Tiffany was enjoying the show. I watched as Scott stood up and Tiffany started to suck off Scott in the same manner as my wife. My wife glanced over at the computer and finally asked “Would you let that guy fuck me with his big cock?” I responded with a resounding yes! The thought of her getting fucked hard by another man started to make me so hot that I was barley able to keep myself from shooting a load of hot cum into her mouth. With that she got up and sat on the chair. She then grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her swollen pussy lips and commanded me to lick. I was amazed because I had never seen this side of her and was so turned on by it that I dove right in and started to lick her clit with my tongue. I could hear her typing something on the keyboard as she moaned while I licked. She told me that Tiffany wants you to lick me until I cum then her and Scott want to watch us fuck.

I continued to lick while she began to arch her back. Her very tasty juices began to flow as she started to cum. She started to groan very loud and began to yell for me to fuck her like a dirty whore. Just when I knew she was at climax I stopped licking and got up and shoved my whole nine inch cock into her soaking wet pussy. I did not waste anytime as I and started to pound her like the dirty slut that she wanted to be. I glanced at the computer and saw that Scott was taking Tiffany from behind as they watched me fuck the crap out of my wife. I then withdrew from my wife and forcefully turned her around to face the camera and had her hold on to the table as I took her from behind. I cold see Tiff and Scott fucking and I was enjoying the sight of Tiffany’s tits bounce in rhythm as Scott pounded her. I was surprised when my wife let go of all her inhibitions and told me that she wanted to lick Tiffany’s clit as Scott fucked her and Tiffany sucked on my cock. I was in awe of her request and told her that I would let her do it. With that we both started to cum. I pumped her as hard as I could feeling her meet each of my thrust with as much force as her petite body could muster. I then gave her one final hard deep thrust as my cock spurted hot cum into her wanting pussy. As soon as my cock was finished pulsating she turned around and got on her knees licked off our combined juices while Tiff and Scott were having their own climax.

We chatted for a little while with the other couple and we all agreed that if were to ever meet in person things would probably get crazy. My wife told me that she wanted to watch me fuck Tiff as Scott fucked her. We all agreed how hot it would be!

As we climbed into bed naked and exhausted my wife for the first time started to open up to me. She said that she knew what I was doing online for some time and would sometimes watch me get off. I was surprised and had no idea that she had been doing watching me. She also told me about her past and how on the outside she looked to be all prim and proper but on the inside she was a raging slut! I was amazed because that is how I often felt about myself. We talked about our fantasies and ended up fucking all night long we were both so exhausted from the night that we took the day off from work only to end up playing on the internet with our webcam. This time I got off as I watched my wife get off with several other men and couples! I never thought getting caught would be so much fun!

2sweetnipples 51F
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6/8/2006 5:17 pm

Wow, I can only hope that one day if I get caught in the same or similar position that I receive the same type of reaction! Congrats to ya! That was pretty hot! Whew! Can't wait to see more of those stories! Awsome bedtime reading!

cam_couple2006 42M/40F
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9/5/2006 12:45 pm

I have a similar story to that hubby caught me getting off online with another woman. He didn't know I was so bi that got us started on camming with other couples online!!

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