What Happened To My Blog?  

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6/19/2006 9:22 pm

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What Happened To My Blog?

Usually, I resist the idea that I'm a magnet for software snafus. Sometimes I think it's just a knack for uncovering bugs, which could be a useful talent. But A F F does manage to annoy me on a regular basis.

The latest glitch happened a few hours ago. I posted a blog entry [" Giving Proper Credit"] which shows a timestamp of June 19 2006, 8:56 pm. Not to mention that I can link to it in this entry, so it definitely exists in A F F's poor apology for a system. But it didn't appear in the Recent Posts listing on the Blogs page, either in the panel or in the full page off the "View All" link. It remains missing through several update cycles, while 8:56 pm is still within the range of the first page of Recent Posts.

Good going, A F F.

Update, just as I was about to post this:
A few minutes ago, another update cycle occured, with a truly massive number of new posts. And there's my post, at long last, appearing for the first time, buried in page 5.

Well done, A F F.

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