big hugs------  

eroticbettyboop 50F
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5/22/2006 9:49 am

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5/24/2006 8:31 pm

big hugs------

to all my sweet friends on here! sooo many sweet e-mails and comments of support from my bad experience w/that guy! i really appreciate all of the sweet things that everyone said! really cheered me up! u r all soooo wonderful!!! thank u!!! hugz and kisses!! lisa xoxoxo

sheppardoou812 60M

5/22/2006 11:53 am

This is an apology to Lisa for all the mean and evil things I said!I am not an asshole! For the last year,I have had bad luck when meeting women!I dont know if it cause I got old and ugly,or if it is the thing's I say to them or what!I have been divorced for a lil over a year!I just got the feeling that it was over looks!I say that cause the other older gents that left looked to be bout my age,and the other 3 were younger looking,and a lot better lookin then us old geiser's!I would'nt have cared if you would have said that from the start!That it was just a party and nothing else!
Ya know,i am a real man,I know when I am wrong I will admit and apologise for it!I understand if you dont except!I did say some harsh thing's,and I should not have went off half cocked!~
LISA: I just want you to understand,I thought it had to do with us being older,and not as handsome! I have been told by ladies that I was not apeeling to them,and I just thought this just another blow off! I just hit the wall!And then on the way home,I got caught in that DUI checkpoint they had on 309,got to go to court cause I did not have my insurance card with me! Lisa,like I said,I thought it was somthing to do bout looks,and I wanted you to hurt as bad as I did!I am truly sorry for all those things I said! I jumped too conclusion!
I would like a chance too make it up with you!If not though I do understand!
I have been through alot in the last few years!Divorce after 25 years,back operation that took 5 discs from my back and put in rods,plates and screws!I cant work now!I lost my home,all my race cars and my classic cars,everything I worked for all my life is gone! Like I said instead of using my head and thinking,I just went off half cocked!And I am sorry! Like I said,I would like a chance to make it up to you!But I understand if you hate me,I probobly would too!
I dont wanna hear any shit from anyone on how much of an asshole I was,I know it!Like I told ya the other nite,Happens all the time!I should have never said all that cause,you are extreamly hot!Like I said,I just wanted you to feel like I did!And I am truly sorry! If you dont accept my apology I do understand! Jim

eroticbettyboop 50F

5/22/2006 8:53 pm

thank u jim! i except your apology! i got alittle pissy back and defensive. i am sorry though i had no idea u had went through so much that night. so apology excepted! hugz,lisa

sheppardoou812 60M

5/23/2006 6:39 am

Lisa: I would like to make it up to you!Take you to dinner,to a movie,or I could make dinnimer out of you,and we could make a movie!lol Just a joke!!I would like to make it up to you!Let me know how I can!Hope to hear from ya soon! J

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