At the strip club  

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9/4/2005 11:54 am

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At the strip club

She'd never shown any interest in going to the strip club until the other night. It was midnight and she had finished yet another Long Island Iced Tea. I could tell the liquor was getting her hot, as it usually does, by the way she unabashadly grabbed my crotch at various points during the night. I managed to keep my bulging cock in check.

A bachelor party rolled into the bar that we like to haunt. My wife and several other women took their turn sucking shots off this young bachelor's stomach and nipples. The soon-to-be-married man's cock was pushing up his khaki shorts by the time my wife finished giving his nipple a simulated blow-job.

When the guys yelled, "To the strip club!" my wife looked at me and said, "Yeah! Let's go to the strip club!"

Fifteen minutes later, the cab dropped us off at the best place in town. I no longer knew what time it was, but it was late. My wife's alcohol consumption had slowed down a lot, but not her sexual energy. She was really enjoying stuffing money in the dancer's thongs whenver she or I got a quickie dance.

"What's a lapdance?" she asked. Not wanting to admit I knew much about it, I simply stated that it was a private dance. "I want one," she said. "You come with me."

Like an old pro, she talked to the hottest dancer in the club (long blonde hair, giant tits), negotiated the price and pulled me by the hand to the mostly enclosed private dance area. Only the bouncers could see what was going on.

The dancer was obviously not too worried that either my wife or I were cops because she had that thong to her knees in no time. She ground her hips against my wife's lap and rubbed her tits in her face.

I was getting really turned on by this, but when the dancer said, "You know the rules say that 'Men' ain't allowed to touch the dancers. It says nothing about women." My wife glanced only for a second at me before taking one of the dancer's big tits in her mouth. The bouncer looked at me sternly as if to tell me not to even think about joining; then smiled and watched with great enjoyment as my wife slipped her hand between the dancer's thighs.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I know my wife had never been with another woman, but she acted like it was old hat. Her hand glided between the dancer's thighs and a finger slipped into her sex. The dancer sighed out loud. My cock jumped in my pants.

The dancer propped her high-heeled foot against the sofa and stood with bent knees. Her back was now to me, but I could see my wife's hand's flying up and down between this dancer's thighs. Obviously the woman was needing some relief from all the groping she'd had during the night.

But before the dancer came, I noticed that my wife was wiggling her hips and moving her shorts down below her knees. The dancer's hand was returning the favor and giving my wife an amazingly fast and furious hand-job. I noticed that there were now 4 bouncers watching my wife and the dancer.

The dancer's skills must've been extraordinary because my drunk wife, who usually needs some time before coming when intoxicated, began groaning loud enough I could hear her over the thumping music. Her eyes squeezed shut and she bit her lip. In reaction to my wife's orgasm, the dancer also let out a loud moan. Her head tilted back, her knees buckled with each tremor, and she came with my wife. After a deep tongue kiss, the dancer slid on her thong, collected only a portion of the money, and left the staging area.

My wife was still shaking from the immense orgasm when we left the club. Before I could get into the car, my wife gave me one of her supreme blowjobs.

SlimGoodGuy 38M

9/4/2005 12:35 pm


you get two thumbs up from the strip club fiend himself (yeah me)

nicely done.

hotiowastud2 53M

9/17/2005 8:52 am

Very good need more. Thanks for blogging on and please include some sort of picture.

visitdreams 63M

10/22/2005 11:25 pm

Out standing! I think I'll have to check the strip clubs out more closly. I agree moore photos.

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