Business seminar from a woman's pov  

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1/22/2006 9:23 am

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Business seminar from a woman's pov

last one for today.

Business Seminar

I was sitting in the seminar room listening to a rather dull person drone on about time management and fighting procrastination. My company sponsors these events several times each year, and brings us in from around the country to attempt to improve productivity. I have always felt it was a waste of time and money, but I do get a free trip out of the deal. My mind wandered to thoughts of the last time I got seriously fucked. Unfortunately, it was not recently. I have been married several years and sex with my husband is infrequent and wholly unsatisfactory. His idea of a great sexual experience is to come home half shit faced from being out with the boys, probably at some strip club, and jump my bones. It usually goes like this: he undresses and climes into our bed. Then he lifts my night gown, slips between my legs and pushes his cock all the way into my pussy. I learned, long ago, to keep K-Y lube in the night stand and well lubricate my pussy when I hear him come home, to avoid the discomfort of a dry fuck. The stupid shit probably thinks his very presence makes my wet. LOL. Anyway, he pushes his cock in and out of my slippery pussy a few times, stiffens, grunts, and shoots his cum into me. He then rolls over and goes to sleep. That is the pattern. I remembered meeting a man on one of my trips who took me to dinner, was very attentive and interested in me and, later, took me to his room and made me cum over and over. Wow, was that a great time. I was getting very damp thinking about it. The feel of his tongue on my clit and his hard, throbbing cock, nestled deep in my pussy. Mmmmm….. Suddenly I noticed the pressure of a knee touching mine, and glanced to my right. I saw a very attractive, middle aged man, seemingly focused on the speaker, making notes on his pad. When he sensed my gaze, he turned to me and said, “ oh, I’m sorry”, and moved his knee, breaking the contact. I felt a sudden flush of excitement and, without thinking about it, touched his forearm and said, “ no…. that’s quite all right“, and smiled at him. I knew I was encouraging him and really did not know where this was going to go. I did feel strongly attracted to him, and was horny as hell. We kept glancing at each other, from time to time, and I know I must be blushing, I felt so hot and flush. Then our eyes met and we both touched our tongues to our lips, seductively. With that, I moved my right leg over, making solid contact with his. We both looked straight ahead to the presenter, appearing engrossed in the subject. He put his hand under the table and I felt his fingers lightly caress my thigh, just above my knee. Then his hand started moving slowly up my leg, until it stopped just before my pubes. I felt on fire, panties soaked, pussy throbbing, needing a hard cock badly. I slipped my hand under the table, also, and went straight for his crotch. My fingers glided over the bulge of his hard cock, squeezing it through the cloth of his slacks. I really don’t know what had come over me, I was brimming with raw lust, craving his touch. John wrote something on a slip of paper and passes to me, squeezed my thigh fondly, and got up and left the seminar room. I unfolded the paper and was not surprised to see his room number. I waited about five minutes and followed him to his room….

I arrived at room 205 and, nervously, knocked on the door. Coming up alone in the elevator, I had second thoughts, but all I had to do was pinch my nipples through the fabric of my blouse and run my hand between my legs, pressing my clit through the cloth, to send hot shivers of anticipation racing through my body. I was so turned on, I know my panties were soaked and I could feel the slipperiness of my inner thighs as I walked.
John opened the door and, as I stepped inside, I took in the sexy atmosphere of the room. He has turned the radio to a station playing soft music, lighted candles all over the room and the bed covers were turned down. I was impressed. It had only been a few minutes since he left the seminar room, but I guess John wasted no time in setting up the room. We embraced, arms around each other, and kissed deeply. Our bodies melted into each other, feeling the contours, feeling his hard cock pressing against me, his tongue teasing mine. The feeling was incredible. The exciting newness of the first embrace of a stranger, a new lover. We broke off the embrace, and hurriedly helped each other undress. John’s cock was sticking straight out, hard and twitching. I took it in my hand as he leaned forward and kisses my breast. He alternately sucked my nipples and cupped my breast in his hands. I felt I was already close to cumming and wanted more NOW!. I guess he sensed my heightened desire, because he gently pushed me back until I sat on the edge of the bed. Then he rocked me onto my back, legs raised over his shoulders, and started kissing and licking my stomach, and inner thighs. I was in heaven, feeling his tongue swirl and lick my sensitive skin, his lips nibbling, hot breath caressing my inner thighs and pussy. He was working his way, slowly, closer and closer to my hot treasure, making me groan with anticipation and desire. Finally, I felt his tongue penetrate my outer lips and dip into my very needy pussy. He started slowly licking me, starting at the skin between my anus and the opening of my pussy, continuing up through my labia, thrusting inside, then on to my clit. John did this several times, over and over, with steady rhythm, allowing me to adjust to and anticipate his touch. I was getting closer and closer to the edge, and then, he stopped at my clit, sucked it into his mouth, and flicked his tongue rapidly around the hard bud, then, pursed his lips and sucked it, in and out, like a small cock. That was too much!!!!!!!!!…… I came very hard, the explosion crashing through my body. I slammed my pussy against his face, held his head in my hands, pressed hard against me as I fucked his face with all my might. The powerful orgasm swept over me, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure through me. I felt my self cumming from the follicles of my hair to the tips of my toes. Spasms wracked my body, the most intense wave nearly putting me under. I was past the peak and felt each subsiding wave weaken as John held his mouth and tongue very still against my sensitive flesh. WOW, I was just catching my breath, hart rate returning to normal, when I felt John kissing my stomach, moving up my body, elbows supporting his weight as he lightly caressed my skin. He, very gently, sucked each nipple in turn and kissed my neck and throat. Then his lips met mine and we kissed passionately, tongues touching. The embers of my lust were immediately rekindled, flaming into raw passion once again. As he kissed me I felt the head of his cock press against my outer lips, slowly pushing through, encased in my hot, slippery pussy. John entered me with a slow, steady thrust, until he was all the way in, cock pressed against my cervix. The walls of my pussy clasped his cock and squeezed it like a silk hand, tugging and caressing his hardness. I already felt the tingling of a distant orgasm starting to grow and moved my hips back and forth, fucking him slowly from below. John matched my rhythm, pumping in and out, thrusting deep as I rose and allowing his cock to withdraw almost completely, just the head inside, as I pulled back. The tempo increased rapidly, his cock driving in and out, filling and stretching me on the down stroke, bringing me closer and closer to heaven. I love vaginal orgasms, starting deep within my body, becoming ever so delicious as then distant waves come nearer and nearer. John was fucking me hard and fast, mashing his pubis against my clit as he pistoned deep into my body, balls slapping my ass, cock throbbing, swelling even more inside me as he neared climax. I knew he was very close and I knew I would cum with him, as it was all I could do to hold off now. I was teetering on the brink, craving the intense feeling about to come. I wrapped my legs around his buttocks, pulled him deep inside my pussy and felt the beginning of my climax. I put my lips next to his ear and said.. “ NOW!!! Cum for me baby, shoot your hot cum into me…. I want to feel your hard cock explode,, give it to me lover!!!.. And we went over the top together, his throbbing cock jerking with each spasm of ejaculation, shooting his hot cum deep into me, my pussy milking each jet with the rhythmic spasms of my own orgasm. Even after he came, John continued to fuck me, letting me ride my pleasure down from the summit, waves diminishing, until I was sated. We lay there for a long time, relaxed and very satisfied, as I thought what a great trip this had become.

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