~Sensual Clairvoyance ~  

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5/6/2006 2:34 am

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~Sensual Clairvoyance ~

Eyes open to the familiar abyss
of reality’s darkest pit, every
day it seems sweet dreams explode
into the nightmarish existence of
deceptions, delusions and depression,
the remnants of a love corrupted
by lies and betrayals, just to stand
again seems futile and meaningless,
and what once was a smile for which
I’d sacrifice life, liberty, even my soul
itself, is now but an eerie reminder
that solitude oft becomes preference…

Struggling to care enough to shower
and dress for another day without
reasonable purpose, the day begins,
off to a boring corporate job where
minutes become years and fa├žade
is the standard mask of each session,
waiting for the sick elevator that will
lift me to the highest floor yet lowest
level, mind a dull blur of emptiness and
apathy, harmony a concept of fantasy
past, lonesome melodies drifting
monotonously from cracked speakers
midst the deafening static crackle,

And then it all changes as blinding
light returns to engulf that dullest
of moments…with a glint, a sparkle,
a brief glance from eyes deeper than
the void of space’s furthest reaches,
auburn locks cascading down in
silky ringlets, delicious full lips
pursed in sensuality’s defining smile,
a soft slim neck of ivory allure,
begging for a whisper, then a kiss,
graduating into gently rounded
shoulders and arms designed to
hold love’s eternity,

Yielding further to fullness of
twin fleshen globes , pert, pointing
focused attraction for a stunned
world of visual masculinity,
their counter residing in tender
hollow at spine’s base, yearning
for tongue tingled caress, sloping
down into firmness of hips too
magnificent to describe with mere
words, mirrored curves inviting
daily worship of touch’s sensations,
altars created for absolute devotion,

Slender legs flow down gracefully
to a floor lucky to embrace the tiny
toes of this goddess in strapless
heels, while her short business suit
wraps this bundle of desirability
like the joyous wrapping of a most
special gift on Christmas morning,
sexuality oozes forth as a spring
of renewal for all who gaze on this
jewel of creation’s evolutionary

And in that one vision of fortune’s
generosity, a reason to once again
dream, to once again breathe, to once
again truly live, becomes a vivid path
of spiritual clairvoyance …

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