last time promise lol  

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last time promise lol

So out of bed to work all day,
It seems we know no other way;
Where real advantage might ensue,
Such endeavour be fine and true.

Quite often though is not the case,
The effort but a total waste,
And frequently is surely worse,
The fruits of labour sour and cursed.

For work was meant to serve mankind,
Not leave him trailing lost behind,
Nor pander to the baser needs,
Instincts of fear, of lust, and greed.

Those sordid suits who have no shame,
No honesty, or sense of blame,
Without regard to contribute,
Their avarice beyond dispute.

Swelling bank accounts their ardour,
To this end the rest work harder,
You can have whatever you choose,
Just play the game and lie, abuse!

Integrity - well that's a joke,
Reserved for clowns and simple folk;
Observe the gains to be received,
When others you have well deceived!

But charlatans will pay a price,
In keeping with such days of vice;
Their hearts will rot through to the core,
While honest men their souls deplore.

So work as hard as you're inclined,
If true rewards there be to find,
Where not then go enjoy yourself,
A nobler prize than ill - earned wealth

i hate work!

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