fragrance of your touch  

eriedragon4 57M
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5/28/2006 11:39 pm
fragrance of your touch

My heart beating faster as I looked into your deep brown eyes
The radiance so strong, My stomach curled up to fly
I could so feel your soul entwine with mine
I recognized what you wanted, and that’s all that I needed
To be able to take your love that night

All through the moonlit hours
Passion whirled around us and taught us with waves
It took domination over our minds, bodies, and souls
And caused ecstasy to go spiraling out of control
I was…
Covered in the fragrance of your touch

Tangling with emotions we had never felt
And new feelings of pleasure, with that we dealt
Steam filling the room, fueling our desires
Boiling temperatures rising, surprising, tantalizing
And I was…
So covered in the fragrance of your touch

Slowly, and gently, our bodies caress
During the moonlit night
All cares flew away in an explosion of bliss

As I held onto you that one last time
I was deeply and emotionally…
Covered in the fragrance of your touch

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