feverish suffocation  

eriedragon4 57M
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4/1/2006 4:04 am
feverish suffocation

I lay lust aside and sleep
alone in constellations
of twinkling lullabies,
where the gentle forest breath
(of campfire and pine)
soothes the savage quiet
in hormones and nature.

Yet flutters the siren breeze
with an arabesque
to challenge my mournful

The primal symphony
of mating.

I resist, I rebel, I renounce.
“No more”, I plead,
“cruel reminders
of skin turned to dust
from lack of touch”.

But pillows on my ears
and a sealed sleeping bag
are belated:
music fills my ears,
lava fills my veins.

She has a crescendo,
this woodland goddess,
It becomes harmonic;
entrenched in my brain,
my suffering heart,
my desolate erection.

I resist, I rebel
and surrender
to the absinthe of desire
and my hand’s weary pull.

With feverish
I imagine
a whirlpool opera
of reverent flesh
forging music
as howling wolves
and chanting loons:

he devours the fruits
of her chest
(she sighs)

he prays to her
and feasts
(she sings)

he cascades into her
and into her
and inside her
(she roars)

Until silence claims its throne
crowned in slumber and bliss.

Her pleasure, my flaccid ache
but ending
I believe
in our common sight
of the milky way.

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