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1/1/2006 3:15 am

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I didn’t really want to know her. It was the idea of her that pulled me in.


I forget
Of times I slept
Dreaming of amber trees and lightly hooded thieves
Who crept through the ice like so many
of the things I want.

Some things are too good to be exposed,
like the embers hidden
or the curve of your hips,
making me wonder
if you taste like toffee
or maybe
you’ll look as pretty
as i think I might
picture you might

I could say I know hunger
I’ve cut myself on it,
teethed with it until my
adult teeth grew in.

I’ve let it slumber inside me,
fearing that stirring it
might drive it to drain me from
the inside, consuming me until
I let it feed on the skin of my favorite
person of the moment, or maybe
I can just hold it against the wall
and take it, in a pressing of flesh
or maybe its you, I’m holding.

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