Till the sun rise  

eriedragon4 57M
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3/24/2006 8:22 am
Till the sun rise

As i sit by the window the rain
hits the window pane one drop at a time.
As i look at you my pretty lady
so luckly that you are
in my life.

You smile at me
then you walk over to me.
You take me by the hand
i follow you to the bedroom.
You tell me let's make our music.
I smile at you.

As we fall to the bed
i kiss your neck one kiss
at a time the way you like
you moan so soft.

Then you hug me
and you smile at me .
You know how i love that smile
and how it make me go that extra mile
to please you.

And before we know it we start to take off
our clothes and we throw them to the floor.
The passion we feel for each other
is about to explode.

We look at each other.
then we lay down and become as one .
As we start to take each other to a
higher level.
We are like a ocean wave
back and front.

As our body talk to each other
the sweet sensation .
We feel in our body illuminate us
will the love we feel
for each other.

As our body start to sweat
you call out my name .
I answer you back by drawing you
closer to me .

As i feel what you are doing to me
is so so good.
Then you look me with that smile.
we both start to say
hmmmmmmm. good

As we kiss.
I run my hand through your hair
you push my hand away.
Then you get on top of me
We become as one again.

As i hold your hip
i go deeper into you.
As you smile down at me.
you start to enjoy me
you call out my name with
a smile.

You can't talk
because you are about to be there
then you take me there with you.
As our body move
faster and faster.

We say to each other
how much we love each other .
Our body explode
with that loving feeling
we have for each other.

As we lay in each other arm
with a smile .
We know this is going to be
a long hot night.
Because we can't stop loving each other.
Tonight as we start to kiss again
and we will keep this up.
Till the sun rise.

Sister_Act_4_You 38F/38F

3/25/2006 7:15 am

How beautifully erotic!

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