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When I got home,
I wondered where
my girlfriend was.
It was payday for me,
so I'd wanted to go out
for dinner and drinks.
I figured she'd be back soon
and sat down to wait,
turning on the TV.
A half-hour later,
the doorbell rang;
mildly surprised, I answered it,
and there stood. . .
"Honey?" I asked,
incredulous at what I saw.
"Are you Jack Carey?" she asked.
"Honey, is that you?
Why are you wearing a blonde wig?
Why are you dressed like. . ."
She, my girlfriend,
was dressed in a blonde wig,
with spike heels,
a short, tight, miniskirt,
black fishnets with a garter belt
(I could see the straps
running up under the miniskirt),
an even tighter pink halter top,
no visible bra,
and bright red lipstick.
She looked totally unlike herself,
but totally like a hooker. . .
and yet. . .
it was kind of. . .
arousing. . .
I was speechless.
"Mister," she said
in fake syrupy tones,
"I don't know you from Adam."
"Honey?" I asked,
"Honey, what's going. . ."
"Look, dude,
if you are Jack Carey,
your girlfriend sent me over.
She said things in your bedroom
needed a little spice,
so she paid me to visit."
"Sweetheart, I don't. . ."
"Look, are you Jack Carey?"
"Yes, hon, you know I. . ."
"Then just enjoy it.
Everything's paid for."
"But I don't. . .I don't. . ."
"My, you're a slow one,"
she said, reaching foward
to grab my crotch. . .hard.
I gasped;
she began massaging
and it got harder for me
to think coherently.
"Look, hon," she said,
closing the door behind her
and guiding me to the couch
by my hardness,
"it's all paid for,
whatever you want to do,
anything you don't normally do,
any fantasy you've got. . ."
She sat me down on the couch,
and knelt between my legs,
massaging through my clothes
with both hands now.
". . .it's all taken care of. . ."
She unzipped my pants,
reached in to unbutton my boxers,
pulled out what she sought,
gave the head a teasing lick. . .
". . .starting with this. . .
got it?"
"Yes, I. . .yes. . .ummmmm. . ."
"Good," she replied,
and without warning
took me in her mouth,
her hand stroking me
as she sucked hard, crudely,
without gentleness,
with brazen hunger,
so unlike my girlfriend. . .
My questions were lost
as my confusion dissolved
in waves of sensation.
"You like that?" she asked.
"Your girlfriend
doesn't do it like that,
does she?"
"Ummmmmmmm. . .nnnnnno. . ."
was all I could say,
still taken aback
but swiftly getting over it.
"I know something else
that she doesn't do," she said,
ceasing her work
to pull off my pants and boxers,
then her halter top.
She leaned back in,
taking my hardness,
wet with her saliva,
between her breasts,
cupping them with her hands,
and began moving up and down,
occasionally giving teasing licks
when she could reach.
It was definitely different,
good, great, and glorious;
between soft moans, I said so.
"Do you like that?" she asked,
moving even faster;
I could only grunt approval.
"Well," she said
with a wicked smile,
"let me tell you
what else we can do."
And she did,
talking dirty to me
like my girlfriend never does,
every lovely act described
in blatant, graphic, erotic detail,
the aural pleasure
turning me on so much
that I could not hold back,
moaning and grunting
as I exploded between, and on,
her beautiful breasts.
"Mmmm," she said,
leaning back,
her fingers gathering my liquid heat
and bringing it to her waiting tongue.
I shuddered all over
from the sight alone.
"Well," I stammered,
"thank you for, ummm. . ."
She stood,
that strange but familiar wicked smile
still on her face,
and knelt beside me on the couch.
"Shhhhhhhhhhh. . .
With your girlfriend,
that would be the end.
But me. . .
me, I'm not done yet."
With that,
she took my deflating length
into her lips again,
all the way this time.
I was wide-eyed with amazement;
this was so unlike
my girlfriend before
that I scarcely believed it. . .
and then
the urge to play along
began to take hold.
"So," I said,
"you're my little tart, huh?"
"Mmmhmmm," she answered,
though a mouth full of me.
"I can do whatever I want?"
Kneeling as she was,
it was easy for me
to reach behind her
so I did,
stroking her butt
through her tight skirt,
knowing my girlfriend's disdain
for what I had in mind.
She let me slide
from between her lips;
I expected to be told to stop.
Instead, she said,
"Go for it, baby. . .
it's all taken care of."
I lifted her skirt.
She was naked beneath,
something my girlfriend
would never, ever, do.
She saw the shock
written in my expression
and wiggled suggestively
under my hand.
I could not resist.
My fingers found her petals
to be in full bloom,
spread and beckoning,
slick and dripping with dew.
Two slid in easily,
drawing a muffled moan from her
as my thumb rubbed her stiff pearl.
Her moans increased
as the fingers curled,
sweeping back and forth inside her,
every motion making
my thumb rub harder.
I laughed at the thought
that the little man in the boat
was in for a rough ride today.
Flagging though I was,
her oral attention
still felt good,
and my own attentions increased
along with the sensations.
She began bucking her hips,
spurring me to move
my wet fingers even faster.
Squirming now,
she stopped what she was doing;
her hands took over
as her mouth gave voice
to her own deep pleasure.
Suddenly, she looked at me
with hungry eyes.
"Eat me," she said,
more blatant than my girlfriend ever would,
when she even allowed me to do it.
In a hurry,
I laid down on the couch.
Just as swiftly,
she straddled my head,
leaving my hardness alone
so she could watch me,
her fingers holding her open
for my tongue's welcome invasion.
Eagerly I began,
licking in circles,
then up and down,
until I found the rhythm
that got her going.
I had never seen her like this,
so hungry, woanting, and wanton;
her hands flew over her body,
from rubbing her pearl
to pinching her nipples
to her wetness being licked from them
between moans and words
my girlfriend would never say. . .
or so I thought.
My own hardness
weakly began to return;
I ignored it
to wrap my arms around her thighs
and pull my feast closer,
diving into it,
licking, lapping, sucking furiously
between her thrusting hips.
Every time she moved,
the straps of her garter
rubbed my nipples through my shirt,
exciting and driving me
on even harder
moaning, groaning, nearly screaming,
she climaxed,
squeezing my tongue inside her,
covering my chin in her moisture.
I gently pushed her hips back,
grinning at her;
she knew what I wanted
and moved back with a smile.
Her face descended to mine;
I expected a kiss
but she surprised me again,
licking her wetness
from my face and lips.
I was shocked beyond words
at this from a woman
who wouldn't even let me kiss her
after going down on her!
Suddenly, she moved
so that she lay beside me,
ripping my shirt open
and yanking it away.
Before I could ask,
she'd taken my hardness in hand,
stroking it slowly
as she began
licking at my nipple.
This too was new;
every flick of her tongue
sent electric shocks
straight to my lap.
I felt her moving beside me;
looking down I saw
that she was playing with herself
as she played with me.
It was too much, too erotic,
to see and believe,
and I nearly came again,
but she felt my struggle
and eased her touch.
Barely composed myself, I whispered
"I want to watch you."
Immediately she moved,
laying back,
her head away from me,
and I watched her play,
one hand at her wet, warm, petals,
the other at her breasts,
both teasing, pulling, rubbing,
her eyes never leaving me,
staring hungrily
at my risen hardness,
her newly-dirty mouth
never ceasing its lewd litany
of what she wanted,
hwere and how she wanted it. . .
As she neared orgasm,
I could no longer bear it.
I suddenly leapt forward,
smothering her mouth with mine
as I buried myself inside her
as far as I could go,
bringing strong, throbbing life
to her small death. . .
She came then,
harder than I've ever seen,
her squeezes inside almost painful,
her screams loud
through ragged gasps.
Before it couls subside,
I began thrusting,
hard, fast, and rough;
she squealed in delight,
her face animalistic in passion,
blushing with heat,
as her hands reached back
and spanked me -
spanked me!
my calm, tame girlfriend! -
to urge me on,
along with her pleas
for more, harder, faster,
deeper, stronger, yes, more,
she pleaded,
lifting her legs,
spreading herself more,
come on baby, she said,
harder, harder, I'm almost there
and I was there with her,
her mouth on my nipples,
electrifying me
taking me to the edge
and right about to-
And then she stopped,
pushing me back.
"Wha. . .," I said,
confused again;
"I've been preparing
for a special end," she said,
pushing me down.
She straddled my hips,
took my hardness,
now soaked in her,
in her hand.
As I watched, stunned and wondering,
she rubbed the head back and forth
between her soaked lower lips,
smiling down on me.
"Don't worry," she said,
in her normal voice
with a sexy, wicked tone,
"You didn't ask for it,
but I know you've wanted this,
so I prepared. . ."
Before I could speak,
she took me away
from those luscious lower lips,
moving it to right. . .
to her most private place,
to somewhere she'd never taken me before,
and began easing herself down.
I was flabbergasted.
"Slowly," she said,
"slowly, slowly, slowly. . ."
I could only watch,
wide-eyed yet again,
as she took me in
to that secretive tightness
oh so slowly,
and settled there,
letting herself stretch around me,
her fingers pulling
and teasing my nipples.
My God,
it was so hot,
so tight. . .
My mind was blown;
all thought was lost
when she said,
"Now. . .slowly. . ."
and began moving, gently,
asking me to do the same,
and we moved together,
gradually speeding up.
Surprising me,
She reached between her legs
to play as she rode;
that erotic sight broke my shock.
I grabbed her hips,
moving faster,
gently thrusting
deeper and deeper;
she met me every time,
clencing both my hardness
and her fingers,
the dirty words fading,
replaced by ecstatic moans,
groans, gasps,
and finally screams
as I grew haredr within her,
an undeniable eruption building,
and again she beeged
for more, harder, faster,
deeper, for me to do it,
yes, to explode deepest in her,
to fill her with me,
and I could not
hold it back,
she was just too tight,
too hot, too wanton to resist,
I had to yield,
my own screams
meeting, mingling,
dancing with hers
as we both exploded. . .
eyes closed tightly,
I felt all of me,
boody and soul,
burst forth from me
flowing into her;
behind my eyes,
a brilliant starburst,
a supernova ecstasy
pulling pleasured yells and growls
from deep inside me. . .
To be honest,
it was so good, so much,
I nearly passed out.
I had never, never,
never before climaxed like that,
so hard, so intense, so powerful. . .
neither had she;
she collapsed onto my chest,
shaking with aftershocks,
each one causing a tingle
to my hyper-sensitive hardness.
"Oh, God," I breathed,
"Don't move. . .don't move. . ."
"Can't. . .help. . .it," she gasped,
and laughed, as did I.
We held each other,
sweaty, satiated, over-satisfied,
until both our shocks
finally subsided.
She rose then,
her legs still wobbly.
"Well, Mr. Casey," she said,
"I hope this evening
will help spice up
your bedroom life?"
I could only nod,
watching her
as she put on the halter top
and straightened her wig.
"Good. . .
My job is done.
And don't worry. . .
I'll make sure your girlfriend knows
everything that we did,
so she'll be more. . .
adventurous, too.
Don't get up," she said,"
pushing me back to the couch,
"I can show myself out."

I had just gotten out of the shower
when my girlfriend arrived,
dressed in her normal,
more conservative clothes,
no trace of the wig,
and a stack of women's magazines. . .
the kind that give advice on relationships.
She kissed me on the cheek,
with that new wicked smile
on her lips, in her eyes,
she asked,
what did you do today?

skuuula 38M
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5/8/2006 5:20 am

hello who wanna roll with mee, 4 something romantic

LadytoPleaseYou 64F
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certainly my dear dragon

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

eriedragon4 57M
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    Quoting LadytoPleaseYou:
    oh my...gotta go lay now and think about this one for a while
can I help?

eriedragon4 57M
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5/6/2006 12:57 am

    Quoting moistandpink1964:
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I am going to read this again and masyurbate. I will do this to my man next week, I know just when to do it. Thank you.
damm I write it and he gets it that lucky,lucky bastardl
love ya thanks for your kind words

eriedragon4 57M
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    Quoting rm_goddess1946:
    You are... the best.
    I swear... your mind.
    That Gemini Mind of yours is like quicksand...
    Incredibly creative and multifaceted...
    I never can stop reading you once I start.
    You are... the best.

    Did I tell you that you are the best yet?
    Well, you are.
my head just expaded 3 fold

rm_goddess1946 105F
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You are... the best.
I swear... your mind.
That Gemini Mind of yours is like quicksand...
Incredibly creative and multifaceted...
I never can stop reading you once I start.
You are... the best.

Did I tell you that you are the best yet?
Well, you are.

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

LadytoPleaseYou 64F
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oh my...gotta go lay now and think about this one for a while

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

moistandpink1964 53M/52F
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I am going to read this again and masyurbate. I will do this to my man next week, I know just when to do it. Thank you.

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