Strawberry, love  

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7/17/2006 10:55 pm

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Strawberry, love

(How to eat strawberries)

you are ripe like these strawberries
Tempting to the eyes
Exploding with the scent
Of tantric sex

You are red like this strawberry
Begging to come loose
Oozing between my lips
Of juicy sex

you are hollow like this strawberry
Desiring the parting of your fruited flower
Filling us both to the rim
Of creamy sex

So let us devour these strawberries
Overflowing with our liquid love
Feeding one another
Of fruitful sex

*Hollow stawberries are designed to be dipped and filled with,cream, hot liquid chocolate,or other favorite filling....
love...finger food fed to your beloved.
or lover as the case may warrent.

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