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4/10/2006 1:12 am

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slipping into you
the feeling is like
some warm exotic oil
poured over a velvet vise
tight, welcome, and hot
a heat that burns through me
burns away my previous tenderness
in the ashes only need remains
the need to give, take,
possess, be owned,
fill you up
and feel you blaze
in frenzied thrusting
throbbing and reaching
so deep so deep
ohhhhhhhhhhh so deep and so good
mingled moans become
scattered screams become
unintelligible ecstasy
driven on by passion
by your nails in my back
by my hands in your hair
by your hips grinding mine
by feverish mouths
and touches everywhere
forever and all too soon
I feel you clench inside
and I can hold out no longer
bursting breaking burning blazing
flaming filling feeling
you. . .

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