Six minutes of knowledge  

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12/25/2005 11:52 am

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Six minutes of knowledge

Six minutes of knowledge
Now the streets are paved with gold - you lick a pistachio ice-cream,
wearing that lime top that I call my-best-friend. ‘It’s been too long,
I can hardly remember’. Words from you come so coral-like, I feel I am
snorkelling. And I want to tell that I split my lip once in a game with
a girl that was no game but she thought it was. But I don’t.

You won’t let me taste. And you smile. ‘How could I remember if I forgot’,
distracted by freckles my sentences are a random collection of syllables.
You know how you don’t want to commit suicide, but start driving your
bicycle through red lights?

Tonight I will not be a virgin anymore. Oh sure, I fucked before, hell, I
was a whore. But my grandmother always said that when you are saved
and you start again, everything starts anew. Okay, she did not say that,
but wouldn’t it be great if she did? You let me lick, it is pistachio.

You smile. We are in love. And you bite me. And my lip bleeds. ‘Now
I remember’. And I tell from the girl and game-that-was-no-game, that
sometimes I need a knife and that I want to be a virgin for you. You
cry. I was home sick. We will be together forever.

tillerbabe 56F

12/26/2005 8:15 pm

THAT is so very beautiful, deep and very swwet! (I'll be back!)

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