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She’s starving,
not been fed for years;
She’s craving cock and she wants mine.
It’s been so long,
She salivates,
to give me head.
”Remove your clothes”, she says;
”lie on the bed, spread-eagled,
while I bind your wrists
and ankles to the stead
like this, then
place this blindfold
on your eyes; the rest
will be a sweet surprise”.

”Now you can’t see;
you’re bound;
I’m free
to gorge this feast
laid out for me.”
She pauses a while,
a minute’s wait, while I
anticipate my fate;
and as she watches,
with saucer eyes, my manhood
grows to twice its size.

She looks at me and feel empowered;
my fruit is ripe,
to be devoured, but first
She wants to tempt and tease,
so she kneels down
between my knees, and trace
soft hands from feet to thighs;
already I’m emitting sighs, as
closer to my groin she gets;
her pussy throbs,
it’s dripping

She straddles now, upon my knee
and rubs herself there,
As she leans down,
her long hair falls and
softly sweeps my swollen balls.
She breathes their scent,
I seem to sense,
her hot breath makes
them taut and tense.
She can’t resist,
her head moves in,
her tongue laps at the crêpey skin;
she takes them, gently, in her mouth
and swirl my tongue
from north to south, while
kneading lightly with her thumb
against my soft perineum.

Her hand slides up to
stroke my length. She’s stunned
to feel its size and strength.
It’s time to move things up a notch;
She lifts her face
out of my crotch, and spy
the sweet dew from my slit;
her agile tongue
devours it, then slithers
down my smooth,
hard hose; it grazes
gently as it goes.

She snakes back up,
from base to tip and
takes my glands between her lips;
She runs her tongue
around the rim, before
she sinks the whole thing in.
I start to pant,
She sets the pace,
my cock slides in and out
her face, and all the while
her frenzied tongue
works hard to coax
my creamy cum, as
skilful hands
caress below, in order
to increase the flow.

She feels me tense;
her goal is near, according
to the gasps she hears.
My rigid legs
and curling toes inform her
that the moment’s close.
She slows her pace,
but does not stop,
as she prepares
to drink each drop, and
like a fountain I explode,
in ecstasy,
I shoot my load.

At last her thirst is satisfied,
as down her throat
my hot spurts slide, and
when it seems
she’s had my fill, she saves a bit
to slosh and swill,
allowing sperm and spit
to mingle
and leave her with
a lasting tingle.

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oh myy...conjures very wonderful images...thanks Dragon

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