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Do you love the feel of feather,
Tracing soft across your skin?
Does the fragrance of fine leather,
Put you in the mood for sin?
Maybe fur or maybe velvet,
Or an opulent sheepskin;
Is it texture? Is it odour?
Is it some sense inbetween?

Does the searing heat do something,
When you're dripped with candle wax?
Or perhaps you yearn for burning
Flogger strokes upon your back,
While your senses all are startled
By the auditory cracks,
And the stinging lines of fire
That the cane leaves in its tracks.

Perhaps you prefer ice cubes
As they trace their trails of chill,
Or the way your partner binds you
When (s)he bends you to (her)his will,
Overwhelms you with sensations,
Till your body's taut with thrill,
Then in trance you enter dreamspace,
And at last your mind is still

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