Scent of a goddess  

eriedragon4 57M
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3/24/2006 10:18 pm

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3/25/2006 12:29 am

Scent of a goddess


What has taken me but some rampant desire
Thrashing about inside my neural connections,
Ripping apart the stagnant face of formality.
Sensual demons gratefully tear fleshy bounds
Seeking the open spaces of a forbidden life.
And all for just the sense from afar... a scent
Spasmodically affecting the spine, the sinew
Muscles fail as it passes... as she walks past.
Lustful animal thoughts tingle through my mind
Breathing flames up my legs and between.
Slowly approaching the source of this intoxication,
My hands feel sweet warmth beneath red leather,
Lifted high above precious mounds of flesh.
Bending low as if by design, by a power not my own,
On my knees, I pray to these divine Goddesses,
Offering my tongue as sacrifice on the deepening altar.
Sweet, warm flowing Ambrosia... nectar of passion
Falls upon my face, showering me with abandon.
Seeing nothing but what I feel... what I dream...
Sliding up easily over the wetness, riding the curves
Round the hips, slipping my face up her spine
As my hands find again softness unreal as of silk
Kneading and needing, my hardness falls upon her,
Sliding easily inside her altar, wet with Ambrosia.
Letting out a scream, she takes me willingly there,
Even backs against me, making my thoughts collapse.
Glistening as it slides out, drenched in her power,
And sliding back inside easily as if it had the key,
Did not please her as much as she commanded.
And so, reaching for me, she redirects her new slave
Into another portal... tight and slow, moaning and
Screaming in short, gigglish bursts until fully loaded.
Sweat runs off my face, splattering against her back
As this new sensation grips me repeatedly, reeling.
Building the power, gripping her tightly now slamming
Inside her little hole, the blood pounding in my temples,
Losing life to the inevitable, no longer known to myself,
This creature has taken me by storm and thrashes
My will about as if pebbles in a flooding stream,
Spinning, tumbling, ravished and broken I explode!
All my thoughts become pure light, body solid steel...
For an eternity, I feel nothing but ecstasy... pure energy,
Not breathing... heart not pumping and I collapse
Upon her, with her, still inside her, wet with my release.
Time passes without definition, thoughts slowly creep back
And my vision reveals her smile, her vixenish grin
As she throws me on my back, mounting my face.
Sweet flowing wetness rolls down my cheeks and neck
Hands like claws fly to her softness and grip tightly,
Pulling against my tongue, spearing her tiny hardness.
Bucking wildly upon me, she reels back from pleasure,
Pulling my head against her, as if inside her moistness.
Racked by sobs, moans and screams, head shaking,
Finally, her legs tighten against my face, her head
Shoots back as her body tenses and shakes in a fit.
Warm, sweet fluid spread over me once again,
Squirting from the tightness of my lips against hers.
Falling back upon my legs, I drink her in, tasting her.
Sleep overcomes us both and I lay dreaming in her mystery,
Having never seen her face before nor knowing her name.
Though she had disappeared when I awoke, I will remember
For the nectar of this Goddess will course in my veins
Until the end of my days... in my dreams... and delight

rm_goddess1946 105F
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3/24/2006 11:43 pm

give her cause to erupt with passion from deep within Her soul
..and you will never forget Her, my friend... never.

give her cause to flood you with the nectar of the Goddess
..and you will never forget Her, my friend... never.

give her cause to adore you and serve herself to you as an offering
..and you will never forget Her, my friend... never.

perhaps this is why you sense Her as you breath in that which
gives you life and the scent of passion is with you always...

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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