On Paper Wings  

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4/21/2006 1:40 am

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On Paper Wings

You fall again from the sky
Like a letter in the wind
Floating close but out of reach
The torment starts again

I hear you sighing in photographs
And it slips into my ears
Filling me up with starry skies
Twisting sharply into fear

Devils and angels rage on all night
The madness screams into the dark
I'm of sound mind and body
But insanity's racing through my heart

Everyone hides a secret
Embedded deep behind the scars
Tell my why my scars bleed
Like the light of dying stars

My darkest hour will never end
Feverishly haunted like a ghost
I was fortune's fool the fleeting time
I danced with the one I loved the most

Crimson and clover fall under the black
But the tempest has yet to subside
Once it's gone you can never go back
The desert is the other side.

Fate is so cruel and time is so mean
Exile makes sanity collapse
Never fall prey to starving weakness
Because you can't change the past

Again you're drifting out of sight
As my soul begins to weep
Tomorrow you'll be gone again
And I can barely breath

I search the sky but there's no stars
Just desolate moon and city light
Winter's chill runs through my veins
For everynight there's another flight
on paper wings.

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