My name is Lust  

eriedragon4 57M
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1/30/2006 11:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My name is Lust

Close your eyes...feel my touch

Dream with me / fly with me / play with me

My name is Lust

I walk through the night

invisible to all

I play with those who seek pleasure

fiilling them with need...

A whisper in their mind..

urging them on..

bringing their hidden desires to the

front of their mind.

It is me that haunts your dreams..

It is me who taunts you with forbidden images..

taboo fantasies..

the seduction of the unknown.

It is my hand that strokes your flesh

as subtly as the evenings cool breeze..

my mouth against your pulse

feeling your heart race in lost excitement..

I am Lust..

call for me..

let your voice ring out loud and clear into the night..

open your arms wide and embrace the power I bring you..

Let me teach you how to explore
the darkest corners of your mind.

welcome me..

surrender to me

..and I will make your wildest dreams draw breath

BdaySuit58 58F
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2/5/2006 9:15 pm


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