Moaning in her sleep  

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3/1/2006 10:42 pm

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Moaning in her sleep

I'm awaken by a harmony of moans,
I see you tossing in your sleep,
your body lays ontop of the sheets.
I hear you calling in seductive tongues,
but not calling on me.
Your legs are spread,
while hands cupping breast.
Your toes are at curl,
your eyes are open,
rolled in the back of head.
I move closer to your legs,
I get clutches by your legs,
you forced fed me with your head,
chanting spells of fruitful releases,
until I feel the very spot you laid,
puddled with sticky wets.
The force of your dream was driving you,
I played along with your dream with
passionate screams,
Your body didn't hesitate to fold itself,
like you were boneless,
your clamped on buddy was like you were toothless,
your suctions and licks were torture,
with anger you change positions,
took control of the moment,
I was the screamer getting the hitting.
She was shaking and trembling, embedding nails,
with her grunting and at that moment
she stood to a squating positions, and her
spread her lips, and her frustration started driping,
coming out like shots, I think her catty was spittin,
during this submission, she fell back in position,
in just a few moments, she was moanin while she was

your, Restless Dragon

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