If you only knew...  

eriedragon4 57M
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3/18/2006 9:19 pm

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3/19/2006 7:01 am

If you only knew...

As the rays of the sun slips through the sky,
and the glow of the moon waves her last goodbye,
my dreaming would end with your name on my lips,
and those thoughts of you keep taunting myself.

I then would remember the time we last met,
and relive the memories of that special moment,
pausing on the scenery where i see you smile,
and strive to prolong it even just for a while.

Then, for no reason, my heart began to rattle,
my breathing hasten and my thoughts wouldn't settle,
I've tried to ignore it, but it just grows stronger,
reaching the limit where i could hold it no longer.

So I lay it upon the pillow of my dreams,
though it kept on uttering phrases with your name,
I would catch those words and create a poetry,
hoping that somehow it would lead you my way.

But now here goes the feelings that I hide,
outbusting with love as ample as the tide,
thrusting my mind to believe that it's true,
oh girl, if you only knew...

LadytoPleaseYou 64F
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3/19/2006 5:35 am

This game of hide and seek you play
Where you hide your feelings by light of day
Then seek me in the bliss of your dreams
Is getting you nowhere it would seem.

Speak to me of your feelings you hide
Let me judge if they will abide.
For it is only your words and time that will tell
If in my feelings, I find, I love you as well

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

MaggiesWishes 59F

3/18/2006 10:57 pm


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