He remembers  

eriedragon4 57M
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5/1/2006 12:25 am
He remembers

He falls into her arms
takes a breath
a glance
a handful of her hair
and kisses her
in a frenzy of pleasure
and relief

he lies beside her
watches her bare breasts
rise and fall
and relaxes
running the night through his mind

how she slipped the dress
from around her neck
and pressed her flesh to his

how he slid his lips
over smooth shoulders
and how she trembled at his touch

he can see every moment

as he tossed her to the bed
(not so gently)
in a moment of unbridled passion

how he knew he needed her

he can still feel
the moist traces that she left behind
on fingertips
and thighs and lips

remembers how
he licked her smoothest flesh more smooth
how she tasted
sweet and thick
so warm against his mouth

when he closes his eyes
he remembers so clearly
exactly how he felt
with her hands pressed
against his chest

how she slipped him inside
the gasp, the bitten lip
the pleasure in feeling surrounded
every inch of him exploring her deepest parts

he can still feel
every quiver, every jolt
every rock and lift
as she rose and released
deeper and faster

he can see her face
glistening as the moon gave her light
hear her moans start softly
and grow in pitch and intensity
as her muscles are wracked
with bursts of electric heaven

and as he relinquishes all control
to join in her bliss
he can still feel her nails in his chest
the firmness pressing him deeper inside

the moment when they freeze
neither moving

the gaze into wet irises
showing only utter satisfaction

oh he remembers

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