Gin & Pearls  

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Gin & Pearls

Gin & Pearls
(The juniper is a hardy plant)


She twists Nebraskan
braids into a high coronet

as he puts the chill
of the ocean around her neck

to incubate for later,
infuse with her heat.

He hypnotizes with "trust me";
she whispers, "yes, love me"

and opens her body to hands
and tongue, cultured gin and pearls

only to wake in a juniper fog -
the empty shape of him held

in a shroud of stiffened sheets,
the last of his warmth for her

lingering in coffee grounds.
"Love me love me love me"

the parrot chants her mantra
over dinner on a tv-tray.

A soiled dove championed
by black-and-white cowboys,

she'd saddle the horse
but the horse is only coconuts.

Instead she levitates above
sidewalks of gin-soaked rains,

erases the night's submission
inside walls of neon and smoke.

A prickly juniper bush
crouching small and low,

there she can forget where
he put his mother's pearls.

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