Dripping Pink Places  

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1/16/2006 1:03 am

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Dripping Pink Places

Dripping Pink Places
Sometimes Run Red

Her smile, like quicksilver, pushing him toward the moon,
Her stroke, her clutch twists upon his palate,
A sensual grind in a dark, cool room;
Serpentine lovers at work and play.

His blade comes down whistling,
A gleaming arc that has severed heads gladly,
Has eviscerated leather nuns, white-collared pimps,
Blind infants with wallets to fatten.
A sip of nectar divine, and his sigh feels weighted
With his desire to rip her skirt and leave her sore.

Baptized in brains and carmine,
He returns to exchange her prize for his.
He opens the skin of her shoulders,
Anoints her lips and inner thighs
With his devotion.
It runs down her legs, scalding as tears.

Her spike of a smile, pointed and cruel as a shard,
Steals diamonds from the sky, rewrites top to bottom,
Peels open his breast, unflinching,
To lick his bones.
She roars as she comes,
His still-beating heart in her fist,
So utterly, rhythmically hers.

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1/16/2006 7:34 pm

Mona Lisa w/ a ... Well-done, as usual. *gentle hugs*

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