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You go down on your knees
Take the cock of your Lord and king
You pleasure it to your liking
It makes you his only slave

You devote yourself to his presence
On his call on his wants
You come along with burning desire
Wide eyes willing hole to try

You mark your sites
The route you want to explore
On the cool light fingers dance
You hold it hard to feel the cry

You are devoted to the cock
The Lord of the universe
The master who makes it fun
In it you make yourself perfectly come

You blow hard and hot
On the stick growing big and strong
The saliva enriches the protest
Yet the feeling goes sun and moon

The cap on the delicious soft stick
It brings many pleasures to the mind
The sweet color of the taste
It brings you to near frenzy

The glory of the unmatched head
You see the red swollen stick
It is raw yet you found it irresistible
You need to nip it with a fire glow

You hold it warm and fluid
You lick it right to your throat
You keep it for a long time
Until the waves come to take you home

you blow it away

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2/9/2006 1:16 am

    Quoting sweetneeds2:
    OMFG>>..Ubeen reading my mind haven't you....are dragons telepathic! That was soooo hot...take me home!! I love the pic!!! You rock!!~Sweet~
let me see your thinking.....

In passion's flight she cried and thrust her hip,
Her thighs encased my head and locked it in;
Her mons bored hard into my upper lip
And drove my teeth into the tender skin.
She held me thus, prolonged her ecstasy,
Each after-shock prolonged my desire.

Yours,Dragons Desires

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