eriedragon4 57M
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3/25/2006 11:23 pm

This is the world.
It's not your world.
being happy
means lying to yourself
each and every day,
and down here
there's only truth,
comforting and pretty
as a maggot-ridden corpse,
and everpresent
because no one cares enough
to come pick it up.
In your world,
you make sweet love;
down here,
we fuck and it hurts.
Everything hurts.
Life hurts.
Escape hurts
like a needle breaking skin,
like nasal passgaes scoured
in the wake of dust clouds,
like lungs clogging and wheezing.
Even the memories of your world hurt,
down here.
In your world,
the light is your guide,
your hope, your dream. . .
down here, light hurts
and darkness reclaims.
In your world you pretend
that everyone is honest and good
and you willingly believe
in the illusions they cast;
down here where the Dragons live
we've seen behind the masks
and that lovely monstrous visage
destroyed us in salvation.
This is the half-world.
This is the demimonde.

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