Belly dancer  

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1/24/2006 2:55 am

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Belly dancer

With a true smile
Her face gleams
Like the brilliancy
On her eyelids.

Her arms speak about Arabic history
With every turn
Of wrists and arms.

Every steep and thigh movement
Reaffirm the message,
And suddenly humanity has a chance.

Her hips conduct
The beat of drums
The clash of cymbals
And peal of bells.

A combination of strength
And the roundness of her belly and torso
Express fluidity and control
In every steep
Fertility, woman.

Silver jewelry on her waist,
A light purple bedleh
She uses to cover
And embrace her body
While dancing on petals
In a ritual of art.

With a sword in her left
And a vail in her right
She spins in a dance of
Death and bliss.

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