Backdoor Man  

eriedragon4 57M
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6/15/2006 9:36 am
Backdoor Man

A quick kiss goodbye,
have a good day ‒‒ Oh, I do
I might be home late.
He slips out the front,
I slide in the rear.

Just one night a week,
after Sunday's big game,
with the lights off,
in missionary position.
It bores you to tears ‒‒ Hell yes

Wrapped up in his arms,
always afraid to tell him
what you want, without it you fake,
but you cum for me ‒‒ Oh, I do
I give you what you need.

All you ever wanted
was some low down dirty,
4 on the floor,
piston action with a V-8
don't it feel great? ‒‒ Hell yes

Turn the key ‒‒ Oh, I will
crank my shaft.
C'mon darlin',
one more time
before daddy gets home.

I want to spank that ass,
leave secret bites ‒‒ Hell yes
Lick up your sweat,
And ah yes, most of all,
kiss and love you.

Yes, maybe someday
you'll have what it takes ‒‒ Oh, I do
to tell him about me,
but until then baby
I'm your backdoor man

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