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I want you to know
how much I want you.
When our eyes meet,
I want you to see
the thinly-veiled heat.
When we touch,
I want you to feel
my electric nerves,
spreading shocks to you.
In my words
I want you to hear
my deeper voice,
my slower breathing,
and when we are close
I want you to feel
voice and breath curling
around your ear's gentle shell.
When I stand,
I want you to see
my hardened desire,
covered by denim
but still obvious,
and know the excitement
your presence has caused.
When we dance,
I want you to feel
that desire pressing against you,
throbbing, strengthening
as if trying to break free
and burrow into you
even as we sink
in each other's pheromones.
When we kiss,
I want you to taste
the silkily-sweet lust
I have for you,
pour into your mouth so softly,
like a gentleman pouring
the finest champagne.

Such a state to be in. . .
so hard from hunger,
heated and flush
for only your touch,
lips, teeth, tongue, fingers
all aching to be
all over you,
teasing, tasting, licking, loving,
kissing. . .
oh, do you know
what you do to me?

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