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4/27/2006 5:01 am

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Can you dawdle in the comma of our gallivanting resonance
while I drape my face around your damp tapestry, rekindling intuition?
while I knead your swelling cleavage alert?

Can you give helpless acceptance to share more of eternity
while I stroll a long, tasseled belt hanging limp from the crest of your hips?
while I search new memories in your thighs?

Can you dissolve willing hesitation’s reasonable goals
while I investigate life’s detail in your peachfuzz calm?
while I brand your decadence as mine?

Can you lounge in the hunt of your shuddering groan
while I find you one finger at a time in the dark, deliberately slow?
while I camp in your trembling muscle?

Can you conjure billowing peace in the whirl of forever
while I consult the needful tone penetrating your flaunted abandon?
while I dwell in your purring haven?

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