A tale for your Learning Corezon  

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A tale for your Learning Corezon

Long ago when man was young and Dragons already old,The wiser of our race took pity on man.
He gathered dragons together,making them vow to watch over man Always, and teach to them who proved worthy,the ways of old, which has become as we now know it as the Knights code:

I. A knight is sworn to valor
II. His heart Knows only virtue
III. His blade defends the helpless
IV. His might upholds the weak
V. his word speaks only truth
VI. His wrath undoes the wicked

And at the moment of the wise ones' death the Sky's lit up and formed the constellation Draco.
for which my Grandfather was named,by Sir Bowen (whom you'll learn more of later)in mans' language, as you know men have not the prowess to
speak dragonese.
And so thus was created the Dragons heaven,but alas when we die not all dragons can enter this sacred place,No we have to earn it,and if we fail our spirits disappear as if they never existed.
This is why, Draco (my grandfather) shared half his heart to a dying boy,to reunite dragons and men,and to assure his place next to our ancestors.
But his sacrifice became his sin as prince Einon, broke a vow he gave in return for the heart,and immortality so long as both who shared the heart stayed unharmed.
but as Einon became king his evil ways corrupted the pure heart ruling his kingdom with a cruel hand enslaving half his subjects, to rebuild his castle and starving the rest.
During this time Sir Bowen, who tried in vain to teach Einon,in his youth, the ways of the old code, and to ready him for for his throne, felt,wrongly that it could only be the heart that corrupted Einon And vowed to wipe out our entire race. and almost succeded ,he even mortally wounded my grandmother whos name can only be translated as The Scarred One,becase of her many battles with errant knights trying to protect her eggs, So after her battle with Sir Bowen She scattered those eggs to the four corners of the earth. To the east to China and Japan were my brotherns' tales are still told and they are regarded as sacred,and are part of their calenders. To the north where the magic of their cammoflage is often mistaken for the Northern Lights.To the south where the family blood thins, as those dragons bred with lower reptiles, but Darwin the scholar of man, found them very interesting for some reason, even though they had long since lost most of their power of magic. and finally to the west the new world as it was known then there my grandmother placed her last egg my mother,and there be side the pristeen lake built her last lair and died from her wounds, my mother grew up with the natives the ansestors of the Iroqouis nation,who shared their magic with my mothers' and they,produced a new magic now known as shape shifting she was the first of our kind to change into human form,which she passed on to me, which explains my human form.As she grew up she fell in love with a young sea serpent who came there a stow away on French ships who came to a place they had givin the name of Presque isle meaning an island surrounded on three sides by water,an so begins my life and the wars for my home, started by the British sailors who murdered my parents, to justify their ignorant fears,and named the lake Eerie, which of course was shortened to Erie,so you see I do know of the love and the fire that burns in the hearts of dragons,It is my history and yours...so I shall end my tale with a slight of personal philosophy, I feel that man has ruled this world as a stumbling demeted child king long enough and as his empire crumbles we dragons shall rise as his most fitting succesor!

your, loyal dragon

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She extends to you an Iroquois name, which name is hers.

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3/7/2006 4:51 am

I love you Dragon

kind thoughts,

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