A stalkers kiss  

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5/1/2006 12:49 am

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A stalkers kiss

How he longs to see her,
To touch her rosy cheeks,
Feel the fullness of her bosom,
To taste her,

Where she is so moist,
To love her as if she were the last,
The one true love to be mine,
Though it shall never come to pass,
He can only stand in the dark corner of her room,

Ever enchanted by her supple figure,
And child like innocence,
Watch with hunger,
A her chest rises and falls with each breath,
He longs to taste that beautiful flesh,
To have her,
Though he loves her far too much,
To taint such a beauty with his dark seed,

Slowly he enters her,
Drawing forth a scream of both ecstasy and pain,
Her arms fail at him halfhearted,
Unsure of what to do,
To push him off,
Or let him take her innocence,

Morning approaches,
Time has left them,
Slowly he withdraws,
Leaving only his seed,
They made love that night,
So peaceful now is she that
lay there,

Slowly dying on the inside,
As she will soon carry a new life,
He simply slips away,
Slowly looking for another girl,
With rosy cheeks,
And warm flesh...

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