A good licking  

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2/26/2006 3:27 am

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A good licking

inspired by

I want you to lie there before me
spreading your smooth, long legs wide
opening your womanhood for me to see
the pinkness of your warm, wet inside

Let me nuzzle my nose between those pink lips
sniffing the scent from your warm hips
my cheeks caressing your smooth inner thighs
my tongue licking its way to your sweet, sweet prize

My fingers have found your nipples up there
rubbing and pulling arousing you with care
Your head is thrown back
your eyes have become closed
your breathing is heavy not through your nose

Your skin is all flushed from the sensations you feel
all cozy and warm, safe in your bed
each thrill that I give you goes straight to your head

Your soft, warm lips are opening wide
to suck in your breath and let out a cry
Soft moans escape you and encourage me more
to lick and suck you-to find your inner core

I suck your sweet pussy, your clit and your ass
very soon thereafter you are a shivering mass
I continue my effort until you are spent
but my COCK is hard and it wants to vent

I enter you hard and go so deep
riding you fast not skipping a beat
You are surprised by my rapid attack
but quickly adjust and give it right back

You have slid down your orgasmic curve
but my cock is stroking a sensitive nerve
Quick on your way to a new plateau
moaning and crying and saying GO, GO.

The sounds that you make only enforce what is quite clear
Katey, I want you. I want you my dear

your,loyal Dragon

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