A Dream {Seen through the eyes of You my lovely little bloggers}  

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A Dream {Seen through the eyes of You my lovely little bloggers}

dreams are what we make them,
you have the power to change them,
or let them rule, dream on!

It’s like a dream.
No end and no beginning, Just now.
Is there a then?
Was there a now?
Where is here?
You are here with me, in that dream.
But I do not know where.
It’s like a dream, but where can we be?
I here your voice, its like an angel crying.
For you are the angel, with wings of glory.
My angel.
There is no choice; reality is not among us.
Was there a choice?
Did you choose your wings, your mission?
I hear your voice again, but what are you saying?
There's no choice, but to follow and see if its you that's baying.
I see a bridge.
A bridge that does not exist.
Where does it lead?
Where do I go?
I hold a candle.
A candle of evil, but white to confuse.
A candle, that lights my way.
But which way do I go?
Your voice is all around me.
I feel your warm presents, but you are nowhere.
Evil's flame flickers.
The burning flame, a flame of the Dragon.
dragons before, and dragons yet to come.
Could this be a warning?
But for now, the flame brightens the way.
But what does lie ahead of me?
Should I go on?
Should I turn?
I look back for a second.
But nothingness surrounds me.
No choice, but to move forward.
I cross the bridge to find you, but there is no end.
There's no Before or After, no, not even a Now.
No above.
No below.
Forward takes me on forever.
Back leads me away, to the past.
The past is good, but I feel that there will be no return if I look back again.
"Eries'Dragon!" I call your name but nothing comes back.
"Is it real?" I shout.
I realize, Evil and Danger become one, within my grasp.
I hold evil.
I hold danger.
My soul begins to twist into Evils grasp.
Lightning strikes the candles flame!
Lightning striking from some unknown sky.
The flame dies.
As I look up, there you fly.
You, my Savior.
You, my hero.
You, my dragon lover.
You are the protector of what is right.
Riding on Wings of Justice.
You are the flame that lights my soul.
Then you disappear into emptiness.
I drop the ball of wax.
It rolls off the bridge, into nothingness.
The dark encloses around me.
I am afraid!
Afraid of emptiness.
Afraid of nothingness. How could you do this?!
My savior, or my killer?!
I reach for my sword, but it is not there.
I realize that I'm defenseless now, but, I here you call.
Should I go?
Then whispers.
Your whispers.
"Close your eyes and envision Me." you say.
Is this a test?
A test of faith?
A test of our love.
I close my eyes and feel light, like I'm a feather.
I feel for the ground, but it is not there.
Oh god... I think I'm falling!
But I do not open my eyes for the horror I may find.
"Heaven help me!" I call out, but no answer.
Is there a God?
Trapped between empty and nothing.
But my faith is true.
Your touch holds me tight.
My eyes open and it's really you!
The space and stars ravels around us.
You guide me, and I hold your warm grasp, for I'm no fool.
All I want is you.
Then blackness takes you away.
I cry for you to come back, but nothing.
I feel afraid now more then ever.
My eyes clench.
Afraid as afraid can be.
Death surrounds me.
There is no help.
There is no way.
I am alone. There is no God where I am.
You call to me again.
I open my eyes to your voice.
No longer do I stand between nothingness, followed by emptiness, followed by Death.
I see a room like the old.
Where Kings and Queens sat upon a throne.
A throne of safety.
I walk to a stand covered in a black cloak, or veil.
A stand, in the center of the room.
A stand of Greed.
And on this stand sits a crown lying on a pillow of blue comfort.
A crown of Divinity.
It sits for a wearer.
Who would rule Divine?
Who is so vain?
Not I.
I care not for this.
I care for you.
My Lover, My Savior.
There is no dust, but Divine has not moved, Greed waits for a sucker.
Time is not real here.
Then your voice.
I can hear you call me from behind, but I cannot see you.
I turn away from Greed and Divine, to look for you.
My Lover, My Savior.
Then you walk in.
Out of the cold, into our warmth.
You look at me with open arms. I try to run but cannot move.
Something binds my legs to the floor.
Trapped between Desire and Love.
You walk to me.
I yell your name over and over and over, but you do not hear, or do not answer.
Are you love or desire?
I reach for you again and again but we do not touch.
What does this mean? To hold, but not touch?
Then I feel lucky to stand.
For the love we feel for the other, is true, and never will be compared.
I reach far out at the approach of your hand, but again we do not touch.
Never before was there such Love.
For love is are law, nothing but love, sweet love.
You come to embrace.
But then something manifests!
A deity.
A deity of pain, the deity of the DRAGON!
The power he possesses is overwhelming!
Darkness invades safety.
Pain comes to our warmth.
Without feeling Pain attacks me.
Darkness--Death--rides a bolt of black lightning!
I still cannot move.
I know this is the end!
But you jump in deaths way.
Taking the dark light to spare my life.
I know now that your Love is... was true.
I fall to my knees.
You embrace the floor.
You die for me.
My soul is torn.
My Savior.
You hold out for me.
I grab for your talons.
But still, we do not touch.
You disappear.
My Savior, my DRAGON
... gone.
I hold my hands out to the heavens.
Crying for mercy!
Then it appears.
A sword!
A sword of Liberty.
Appearing on a light.
A Light of Life.
Bright as our love... was.
My anger takes Liberty!
I Slave myself to Liberty!
I cut the invisible bounds that shackle me to the floor!
And I strike Pain!
In a fury of Light, Life and Liberty!
Striking in anger!
Giving Pain, pain!
But I stop.
Knowing revenge won't return love.
Pain laughs.
I turn and see the throne.
The throne of Safety?
Lifting the sword in confusion.
The sword is not Liberty, but illusion.
I throw illusion into safety.
The throne blows!
Pain screams!
Pain dies.
The room turns.
This was not real.
Safety was Pain; Divine was Ugliness; Greed was Giving; Life was Death; Liberty was the illusion of Slavery.
This was all to deceive me.
But even if I deceived deception, Love is dead.
Then, a sound!
From under the crown!
I run to the stand!
Pushing Ugliness off Giving.
I see the black vial.
Stripping the vial of mystery from my life.
In a cage, a cage deception tried to hide.
My Dragon Lover...
I tare off the bars that confined my desires.
I find you.
I take you from your bond and bring you back into our warmth.
I am your hero this time.
I know now that Love belongs.
You are my Love.
And I desire you, my Love.
We walk out the room into real light.
The real Light, Life, Love, and Liberty are true.
Shining on a sunray of brilliance.
As this story ends one question is asked.
What does this mean?
Alas... I cannot tell, for it was just a dream.

Written by Erie Dragon

rm_goddess1946 105F
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3/5/2006 3:35 pm

another member of your loyal fanclub reads and smiles!
just me again

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

LadytoPleaseYou 64F
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3/4/2006 8:24 am

I love a story with a happy ending. This was fantasic my Dragon lover.

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

moonfire2u 69F
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3/4/2006 5:04 am

Wonderful...wonderful...wonderful...I simply love this one...your passion is delicious

kind thoughts,

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