"One FaErie Morning"  

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3/10/2006 11:32 pm

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"One FaErie Morning"

One morning, sitting on a toadstool
I watched the butterflies kiss,
while the fairies danced together
in the early morning mist;
Round and round they spun
in their angel silk,
hair like fine colored thread
and skin white as milk.

There came a familiar song
from another time,
when elves roamed the woodland
making elderberry wine;
and lo, here they came
around the forest bend
followed by some children
from the world of men.

The children sat upon the moss
as came forth a parade
led by the queen of sprites
who created rainbows in the shade;
Next came the singing pixies
sprinkling dust as they went by
so that we could see the wonders
hidden from the naked eye.

Soon came the sights unseen
colors for which there's no name
lonely creatures of the procession
from the imagination came;
and then arrived the majestic
the most honored sight you'd see
and the children all cheered
and clapped their hands in glee.

There is no grander sight
than the mane that can't be shorn
blowing in the morning breeze
on the neck of the unicorn;
There was a complete silence
as the creature cast its eye
with love towards the children
and not one of them did cry.

"My sweet little children"
the wise one softly spake
"always do remember this
for your tiny hearts sake;
the magic is everywhere
and the wonder is within
all you need is to imagine
and you can return again".

Just then there came a thunder
followed by a thud
large invaders came crashing
through the thicket and the mud;
all the creatures scurried
some flew away to hide
while I blended with the toadstool
and softly crept inside.

They towered high above the earth
looked at the children with soft rage,
"Didn't we tell you not to leave the yard,
what behavior for kids your age!"
The parents from the world of men
took their children's hand,
as the young ones looked back for us
I just couldn't understand...

...Why is it in that world of theirs
that childhood's frowned upon
forced to grow up far too quick
soon innocence will be gone;
but I hope that maybe somehow
by what they'd seen today
they'll never lose their imagination
and come again to play...

your, very drunk dragon

LadytoPleaseYou 64F
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3/11/2006 12:01 am

yeah Baby I heard that pixie dust was some really good shit man.

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

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