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1/10/2006 11:55 pm

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there I met you at the door
green eyes rimmed in black
red hair long and lush
blonde streaks framing
lips painted in glistening hue
smile seductive and promising

my heart skipped as I viewed
breast's straining against velvet black
barely contained peaks
pristine snow caps heaved
in time to lusty breath
as devil whispers seduction

my thoughts never far
from the conquest sweet
the wine tantalized my tongue
as we danced upon the floor
to rabbit in the moon
neon lit up hazy sky

then moment of battle came eminent
there our tongues thrust and probed
you sought to pull away
green eyes begging
I whisper but a moment more
your body slowly gave in

as hunger mounted
my teeth nibbled
tongue tasting
sweet salty nectar
pooled at moaning throat
lifting you I carried you to the door

as your teeth sought my neck
we made it not far past
moonlit entry
upon lacquered wood
hunter I became
as prey's limbs flashed bare

there my hands roamed the mountains
ivory fangs sinking into velvet
crimson nails tore at my spine
as I tore into black
pink tips where revealed
dew sparkled upon white expanse

as your hands were bound in my hair
like a cat I stalked your valley's
as pale limbs writhed on velvet shreds
pleading cries echoed off plaster walls
begging,hopeing at the edge of surrender
at that moment I began the war

grasping your wrists I spread you open
lowering my head I enhaled your fragrance
green eyes flashing wide
at the moment of tongues questing
locked in a battle of wills
pulling me within ecstasy's embrace

riding waves of desire
my name shouted to the heavens
bringing you to the edge of completion
I let you glimpse the abyss
only to deny you euphoric bliss
as I struggle against your heat

there we waged all emcompessing war
each the other sought to posess
if for but the breifist moment
then fire shooting it's pure heat
exquisite in molten agony
we come to the end of little war

each for a moment the others twin
tangled in one anothers boundries
for instant man becomes woman
woman becomes man
never knowing who the victor
nor caring only surving to fight another

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