Two Bodies  

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1/11/2006 12:22 am

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Two Bodies

Two Bodies

As he strips before me
In the dark silent night
No words spoken on bended knee
He kneels before me with skin angelically white.

His arms tighten around my waist,
Never so wrong, never so right.
His sweet kisses require my lips to taste
As he lays naked in the night.

Tender milky skin forming above mine,
Intimately meshing as one.
And when such bodies combine
Seeping desires just begun.

Fingers dance along the spine,
As lathered bodies are locked together.
The power from his touch, so divine
Pure ecstasy and emotions stir.

Silent truth is spoken out
Through a tender kiss.
A seed is planted to sprout,
To always remember this.

Slick tongue licks his lovers soul
And my nails dig deep upon his bare back.
Thrusting deep into my mind, secret thoughts he stole
Slipping together the heat of passion attacks.

Tickling shrieks caught in my throat
No sound. It rushes to come out.
A howl of want in the darkness to float
From my mouth, to his desirable shout.

Breaths are coiled together in unity
The act of fantasy grows immense,
And when the breath from his lips reaches me
The sensational passion grows more intense.

Panting for breath, one body becomes two
Sprawled out in an obscene mesh.
Desires that were so undeniably true,
Now lay two bodies of naked flesh.

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