my boyfriend is very suprising...  

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2/13/2006 5:27 pm

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3/6/2006 8:21 pm

my boyfriend is very suprising...

last night i got home from a modeling shoot at about 9.Something you shuold know about me is that I do love sex and i am very horny but i am a romantic. Well anyways I called my boyfriend and wanted to hang out ( or a little more!) well he said yes so i put out some candles and decided to give him a night of pleasure. We had had sex many times before and I had lost my virginity when i was 16 he when he was 18( i know kind of old!) So we were both experienced. I've done a little bit of modeleing for Victoria's secret and so i have a lot of lingerie. I got out these lacy cheetah and fur thong and see through baby doll dress. I put them on and light the candles. When I heard the doorbell of my apartment ring i went out and answered it. There he was with a grin on his face looking me over. I smiled and pulled him inside. I pulled off his shirt and his pants also his boxers and went to work. He was already hard and i ran my acrylic nails across his shaft. He smiled and brought me to my feet he rubbed my breast and I felt myself harden. we went into the bedroom and he pulled my lingerie off we got onto the bed and i started to ride him hard. I moaned as he hit my G-spot and we kissed passionatley. I sucked his cock hard and i felt him starting to cum. I rubbed him up and down and ran my hands up and down his ripped abs we kissed and he stuck his finger in my wet hole he rubbed it until i screamed and moaned. He pushed it farther and i bucked orgasming all over his finger. He smiled and brought his hard cock to my lips i ran my teeth up and down teasing him. He moaned and begged for he to ride him . He got on the bed and I rode him hard. He moaned" Harder baby Harder!!!" I smiled and got off i layed down on him and I sucked his dick hard. He shivered and stuck his hand down rubbing my clit and pleasuring me while I gave him an awesome blowjob. He cummed hard into my mouth and i spit it into his ass hole he stuck his finger deeper into my wet slit and i lay back while her pleasured me. I sighed and he stopped. I know that was a really hot story lol. Ya we don't do that every night we did that because tomorrow is Valentine's day and he has to go to New York for work so he pleasured me. For the rest of the night i rode him and sucked him while he ate me out. Then ( i know this sounds cheesy) we lay in each other's arms. It was great..... more later

elysianpleasure 47M

2/13/2006 8:34 pm

It doesn't sound cheesie... it sounds wonderful. Welcome to the blog.

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