yes, I am still here...  

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3/8/2006 3:35 pm

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yes, I am still here...

....and enjyoing life. I have been terribly lazy with my diary, sorry. I am still in Austria, enjoying a mixture of rather successful business and very rewarding leisure, or simple laziness, which is not too bad once in a while, either.
After I left that funny little Carinthian village named Faak (remember: pronounced like we say FUCK!), a bit exhausted, but rather satisfied, I drove my cute little rented Audi A4 to the small town where my great-grandfather had owned and operated the local bakery. Had an ancient photograph with me and found the house allright, only that today it is no bakery any more, but a small super market. Nobody there by the name I was looking for. My parents at some points changed their name to something not so hard on American ears and tongues, but of course I still know the original version. My grandfather would not even have thought of it , of course. He was a high rank officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, and when he returned from the battlefields when the war was lost, in late 1918, there was no army left to speak of. Nor the money to pay the retired officers a decent pension. So, before long, my grandparents decided to try their luck in the new world. But that's another story.
Went on to the local administration office, where they had nothing useful, but they told me to ask at the church, and of course, that's the place to go to for such purposes. For others, too, of course. Found a nice young priest who told me that a lot of people come to look for entries in the birth and baptism registers, so he was quite prepared to let me have a look. Found entries regarding my ancestors back until around 1680, at that time they must have moved in from a place that's today in Slovenia. Maybe I'll find time to go there, next time I'm this side of the pond. Only that the chance to find anything there is little, as that region had been devastated by the Turks during that era and their favorite pastime was to burn down Christian churches.
Got into chatting with the nice clergyman, and he invited me to tonight's Stammtisch, which is hard to translate....anyway, it is the reserved table at the local main inn where all the VIPs meet and no ordinary people dare to sit. That was a truly strange event, with the priest, the mayor, school principal, savings bank director, fire brigade chief etc. all gathered and drinking that marvellous Austrian beer. I think I'll never drink American brands after tasting what they have here. And I am told that in the Chech republic it's still better.....OK, let's see when I get there. I felt like being in a movie, like in Sound of Music, you know, everything there including their national costumes. And they did sing. And I got really popular when I knew some of the songs which my grandparents had taught me, had to tell a lot about my life in America, my parents, my grandparents.....that became a long evening with our round still happily drinking when all the others had long left for home. Needless to mention that at that night nothing happened on the erotic side. Well, I'll soon be 63, and a pause now and then is quite welcome, anyway.
Next morning I drove to a small town on the border between Salzburg land and Styria, rather in the heart of Austria, where I have a dear lady friend who is always happy to see least when I announce my visit in time. That place was near to suffocating in the snow. I do not recall having ever seen amounts of snow like they have there this year. It is getting a plague, with no room left where to put the snow that falls anew every night.
Rented the skiing equipment and clothing....there is absolutely no excuse, they have everything for rent that you need to go skiing, and tried the downhill version. Have not done it for a while, but got into it pretty quick again. The locals watched closely hoping to get a good laugh at the clumsy American trying to ski, but hey! I am an Aspen problem there! They do a good job with their machines to prepare the slopes, but with snowfall every night you can always find a virgin slope, at least in the morning....that's great! Had a terriffic 3 days on the slopes, and no less terriffic nights with my friend. She is 61 and has a body like a young girl, used to be Austrian champignon in the cross country section and still very active. Not only in bed, mind you.
She is not into anal, but with her tight pussy that's no real problem for me. You are a pig, Eric.
After those three days and nights I had an excuse to move on as I had business appointments in Vienna. Had actually two days left but needed a rest. As mentioned before, I am not 36, but 63. Soon I'll be, anyway.
Vienna deserves an own entry, so I'll see you later, dear diary. Good night. Gute Nacht, as they say here. I can even pronounce the ch correctly.

rm_trudy_forU 77F

3/11/2006 1:54 pm

just glad you didn't get caught in an avalanche! Write more, will you?

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