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2/19/2006 2:18 pm

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Had a wonderful train ride from Rome to Milan today. Took only about 4 1/2 hours, very comfortable, clean, super service, nice meal, punctual....does not sound very Italian-like, but is true nevertheless. Wondered how I could ever have been thinking of taking the time would have certainly been longer, and with that crazy new Milan airport way north of the city.
First a ride through Tuscany, then wild and snowy Appennin mountains....and then the string of pearls of cities along the northern foothills....Bologna, Modena, Parma (the name alone makes me hungry for their delicatessen) and Piacenza....wonderful blessed region full of culture, savoir-vivre, architecture and landscape! Must come back and spend some real quality time here! Never stopped looking out of the window....well, yes, sometimes, to view the impressive bosom of the mamma that was sitting opposite to me. I had started worrying about the Italian bra industry with all the slim ladies obviously banning them, but they probably make up by volume what they lose by numbers.....mamma mia, what set of breasts this particular lady showed off! Jealous husband watching her closely, so I soon retreated to watching the landscape flying by.
Nice hotel here in Milan, just a few walking minutes away from the heart of the city, the duomo, ancient cathedral of 13-something, must try to find some time to go inside tomorrow.
No American tourists in sight, no AdultFriendFinder friends, receptionist is a man, waitress over the hill....guess I'll stay chaste tonight. Allright, Eric, you are not 26 but 62, remember? Some rest and gaining new power will do you good! Who knows what is waiting for you in the land of your forefathers, Austria, which will be next on my schedule. Wonder whether I'll actually find my roots. Kunta-Kinte like, you know, only this is not Africa and they have quite orderly baptism registers there. Let's see!
Some more work before that here tomorrow, so let's hit the blanket. Yes, blankets here, no featherpuffs. Too much American influence, maybe.
Good night, diary, hello to anybody who might be reading this stuff. And please do not hesitate to let me have your comments, it is getting slightly strange to write reports into cyber space and not hearing back.....except, of course, the few fine comments by the gorgeous ladies who were already so good to write!

Joan514 72F

2/20/2006 11:29 pm

I love your writings..please give the details on your return trips. Jo

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