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I had not meant to keep you few people who read this stuff waiting so long, honestly. But after returning home everything got in the know how that goes, I am sure. Anyway, I believe I should round up my narrative about that remarkable trip now that another one is coming up.
When I drove my rented Audi A4 to Vienna it started snowing again and so I had a good excuse to observe the speed limits in Austria. Got into Vienna when the sun was just preparing to set..watched it in the rear mirror. Whenever I get to Vienna, my heart jumps with joy. It is the place I might chose to spend my old days at. Well, a little time to go yet.
Most of all seasons I love summertime here. You might not expect it, but this city, far away from any sea or lakes, provides excellent facilities for swimming. There is a 10 miles long beach right in the city, along a new arm of the danube river which they excavated for reasons of flood protection, parallel to the river, and most parts of that beach are nude just go there, take off your clothes and swim, or whatever you want to do. And if you want to leave your swimsuit on, it's just as well. Very liberal and cool. Not as constrained and sweaty as most of similar places in our country. But I am losing my was not summer yet this time!
Spent the first night in a fancy hotel downtown and took a walk by myself through the ancient part of the city, ending up in a wine cellar about 4 floors under surface, and what do you know? found some American tourists there, happily drinking as much as they could of the fine Viennese wine. I was not in the mood for hunting and kept to myself, using only my German, which is coming back nicely. I also wanted to save my powers for the following few nights with Lucy, so I left them alone. Had some of the fine wine myself.
Lucy is a dear, truly Viennese lady, a widow about my age (never ask a woman about her age, what do you gain by knowing it?) who is a successful producer of operas and operettas. Ironically, I met her a few years ago in Japan whre she led a Viennese operetta tour which she does once a year. We became good friends and fuck like rabbits whenever we spend some time together. Usually, when I am staying in Vienna and she happens to be there, I spend a few nights with her in her appartment. Saves a lot of hotel costs, too. She is dark, good looking and on the larger side with a phenomenal set of breasts. I moved in the next day after she got back from some outside business and it turned out to be a very rewarding time again. But more about that later.
Actually, this time most of my business meetings were scheduled in Linz, a medium sized city about 100 miles west of Vienna. What is left of Austria's heavy machinery industry is mostly found there. But I don't care much for Linz and love Vienna, therefore I usually stay in Vienna and drive to Linz for the meetings. This appreciation, is, by the way quite opposite to the one of a certain Mr. Adolf H., who loved Linz and hated Vienna, where he spent the most miserable years of his life in the early 20th century. Looks like I don't have the ingredients that make a great dictator. Not that that's something I'm dreaming of, for that matter.
Ich wuensche euch allen einen schoenen Tag und erfreut euch am ficken, so oft es geht....!
Oops, I need to run....more later!

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You sure move around alot...! Amanda

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