Saluti di Terni!  

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2/16/2006 5:17 am

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Saluti di Terni!

Yes, it was quite an interesting evening, and night!
Ernesto met me at the train station and took me to their lovely home, a typical Iatlian city house, must be half a millenium old or so. Did not know for sure, himself. Maria had been preparing a delicious dinner. A lttle awkwardness at first, as always, they hardly speak English, and my Italian, is, well, mediocre, but with a little help of the Barolo the ice thawed quickly and we soon got closer. Changed to non-verbal communication soon. They showed me some pictures from my private albums they had downloaded and printed on glossy paper and told me that they sometimes use them to get horny. Flattering, indeed! They prefer American men to locals. Say that we are less inclined to drama and emotional involvment. That may well be true. I also suspect Ernesto, whose endowment is rather average, that he'd be embarrased with a local guy bigger than him, equipment-wise. With Americans it seems OK, everything is bigger in America, remember?
We tried a few combinations and it soon appeared that what Ernesto was really interested in was to fuck my ass. He did a thorough licking job on my balls and asshole while Maria deep-throated my dick, so eventually I signalled him that I didn't object and in he went! You have been a very nasty boy last night, Ernesto, and I wonder how you'll manage your next confession! Padre will probably want to hear all the details and get a hard-on.
Maria was afraid to take my thing up the ass in fear I might tear her up, so in the sandwich section it was hubbie's part to work her behind, and she had no problems at all to host my equipment in front. That was a very long-lasting event, both E. and I are not teenagers any more, and finally it seemed to develop into a lets-see-who-can-last-longer-contest. I won. By a very small margin, though.
We had a little pause to relax, gain strength again and start the second bottle of Barolo. Ernesto indicated that for him it was enough at that point, but they did not want to let me go yet and started playing with me again. Well, I managed to get it up one more time. Maria's tits are remarkable, and I payed good attention to them while they jointly took care of my private parts. The load I finally shot into their faces was not too voluminous, but they assured me of the nice bouquet and agreeable color and consistency. Those people do have style.
They were kind enough to take me back to my hotel, and on E.'s suggestion Maria and I took the back seat and I gave her good clit massages while we drove back. She came once more and both assured me what a wonderful time it had been for them, a compliment which I gladly returned.
Maria and Ernesto, if you ever read this, which I doubt, and if you do, you won't understand much, anyway, you were great!
Called my Chinese principal in the morning to find out their rock bottom price. I am sure they make enough profit even with the substantial discount they authorised me to grant if necessary. So I'll try to make these buggers here sign the contract tonight, take them for dinner (will cost me a fortune), and hopefully leave for Milan tomorrow morning.
Thanks to all the exciting ladies who seem to be reading this stuff and even let me have their comments! More soon!

rm_trudy_forU 77F

2/17/2006 9:00 am

I know your cum tastes excellent! Save some for me, will you?

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