Happy in Rome  

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2/18/2006 3:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Happy in Rome

These were two VERY nice days in Rome......
Walked over to the other hotel Friday morning (well, late morning, after that feast...), and almost bumped into Pam, my target (only at that time I did not know her name yet). She remembered me from the plane, later told me that she had very well noted my interest. Which woman wouldn't note such a thing. She was quite fed up with the group routine and readily accepted my suggestion to explore this city together. We had a great time, she admired my (very limited) knowledge of the city, restaurants, the language....and I admired her figure. She may well be around 70, a real lady, reminds me a bit of my favorite seniour porn model, Torrie, only less wrinkles in her face, larger breasts and less saggy cuntlips (sorry, Torrie, no offense meant and none taken, I hope, I still love you dearly!). The latter detail, of course, I learned only a while later.
We soon had sore feet from doing all the walking, decided to take a horse-drawn carriage to take us around (more admiration for my keen bargaining with the driver, guess I paid him twice the normal fee nevertheless), and had a wonderful time exploring the eternal city. Held hands like teenagers. Had some sort of dinner dance (I knew the place from last time, but that's another story), and I managed to get a decent hardon when dancing close, which she noted with surprise, then amusement and when she returned the pressure with her belly I knew the rest would be easy.
She later told me that she had been an anal virgin prior to our encounter and that she was sad to have missed it all her previous adult life. Lifelong learning, I'd call it.
We had a very lazy Saturday morning and did some more sightseeing in the afternoon. Pam insisted on climbing all the way up to the top of the dome of St. Pete's cathedral, and in the part where it's very narrow and the passage is just wide enough for one person, if they are not too fat, that is, I was behind her and reached between her legs, which made her giggle. Like teenagers, as I mentioned before.
Had another wonderful evening and very rewarding sex. She had been abstinent for quite a while and tried to make up for as much as possible, which in turn brought me to above average performance. Pity that I had to leave her rather soon. Need to get some sleep and get up really early to catch the morning train to Milan. Exchanged addresses, phone numbers etc., both pretending we would meet again. Well, Pam, if I ever get to Minnesota....wherever that is.....who knows what will happen!

rm_darlene_fla 69F
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2/19/2006 2:40 pm

hi, I really like to read what you write....sounds like you are quite successful there (business- and otherwise!!). Wished I could accompany you. But why are you so shy to tell us more details of your erotic encounters?`Don't be so gentlemanlike....this is a sex site, after all!!

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