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7/26/2005 8:18 am

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This is my first blog for this area so I am gonna keep it simple. Basically I have an idea as to what women want in a man and somewhat of an idea of what men want in women and what I have come to realise in this whole game called Touch-and-Tell (and I don't mean kiss-and-tell).

Touch-and-Tell is a thing I have used for a real long time and it has worked for me on countless occasions. Not only breaking in that virgin, but for experienced men who 'think' they are the shit when in fact, they are nothing of the sort.

1. When someone is your lover, and you start out with them, be completely honest in what you want. Don't say that you are just looking for fun when in fact you are looking for Mr.Right. That just leads to problems.

2. Be courteous to your new found play friend...WASH! For peat sakes, wear deodorant, wash with soap and water in those 'areas of particular interest' and make sure you don't over do it with perfume. A little dab goes a long way. Besides, if you have so much on that they can't get close enough to your neck with out sneezing or coughing, then you need ot back off the perfume/cologne. And for those of you who wear talcom powder (if that's the proper spelling), Don't use it in 'those areas' if you plan on getting oral sex. That is the nastiest thing to have to get out of your mouth. (and belive me.. I know).

3. Don't forget to swoon her guys. Flowers and dinner is a sure fire winner if you are going for the gold. Yes.. it is an investment for the sex, but would you rather spend the little bit of money and know you have a beter chance of getting some than to not bring anything and look like a cheepskate? A single flower is all you really need.

4. Look the part. Make sure when you go to her for the first time, look nice. Don't wear those work pants if you are going to meet her on the first date. And ladies.. don't look like a slut. Men like it when we wear something that makes them have to think.. believe it or not.. I got more phone numbers from being in a business suit than in a skimpy skirt. Men love class.. not sass.

5. When you finally make it in the sack... Don't.. I repeat.. DO NOT Just get yours and leave!!! You will never ever ever get a call back by doing that.. and I do mean every word of this. Women HATE a man who is a "wham bam thank you maam" guy and guys hate a tease that won't give it up. The nice girls who never seem to give it up and tease like crazy are the ones that men hate the most due to the effort and no reward. Don't be a cock block. That's bad.. mmkay??

6. Make sure to let them know in bed.. what you like. It might be something to discuss before the first date too. If you are into fast sex and no cuddling and he/she is into slow sexy love making.. then you might not like each other after a few sessions and it just gets uncomfortable. Don't let it get that far. If you both know you like the same thing.. cool. If you know you are a little different.. ask and see if they would maybe take turns doing it your way sometimes and you do it their way sometimes.. either way.. you are bound to win!

7. If it doesn't feel good to you, Don't DO IT! Men, don't make a whole issue out of anal and swallowing! You can really make a girl feel bad if you harp on the subject. Its not something girls like to do a whole lot of. SOme can't stand the taste of cum, others LOVE it. Some women have been hurt by anal sex, some women could take a fist.. either way.. if she says NO.. leave it at NO and don't bring it up again or look for another partner if you are THAT hung up over something that stupid. Laid is Laid.. it just depends on how you wanna be laid that is the question. And if you wouldn't have it done to you or you won't do it (and I think you men know what I am talking about) don't expect us women to like it. Some do.. don't get me wrong, but think before you bring it up. Hell, in the heat of the moment, she might say "ram it in my ass" and there ya have it! Answer solved with no questions..

OK.. if there is anything else I can think of to say.. I'll add it in there. I might think of it later on. Or just ask a question and I'll answer it to my best opinion.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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7/26/2005 11:07 am

Kim, you have given those who need it, the perfect answer to a first meeting, but you did not mention those who will NOT talk about what they do NOT want, or what they enjoy having done for them, now your "students" need to know how to proceed with "exploring", slowly, gently, as you would any other unknown situation! Just a physical hint in any direction will tell you more than trying to get them to verbalize their desires! I enjoy "searching" for those "hot buttons", in other words, their reaction to your exploration will say more than they would "say" about any "hang-ups" they may have, as a matter of fact they may enjoy your "exploration, feeling your gentleness, and allow some things which they would have "said NO" to if you had asked!!!

AltumHunksUnite 53M

7/26/2005 11:25 am

I can't find any points of disagreement. It looks like you just about covered it, especially the part about letting each other know what they like and don't like.

Have fun

Let me drive. I like the view

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7/26/2005 12:29 pm

Hi Kim,
You make some good points, but you are not very specific about what you want personally. I know that may vary with the situation, but you must habe some preferences or desires?

What do you think of the premise that "everybody is responsible for his/her own orgasms"? In other words, do not blame your partner if he/she does not make you come if he/she does something the wrong way or not at all. You should tell him/her exactly what you need and how you need it in order to come. Fair enough?

Do you indulge your parner's fetishes and expect him to indulge yours? If so, do you let him know it's not really you but you are doing it to please him?

Lover to hear from from you. Here, or if possible on Y a h o o under my handle:


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