Sex Ed 102 : Attitude  

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7/29/2005 9:43 am

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Sex Ed 102 : Attitude

Well class.. since our last meeting here (smiles) we have discussed quite a few things. I am so very happy you enjoyed the last few of them and I plan on continuing to post more as I go along, so, keep those pens and pencils ready and we will move right along to the next thing women (and men) really want: Good Attitude!

Yes, people, all of us like a nice person. Someone who isn't a bitch or asshole pretty much has a chance at at least friendship. We don't make friends by going up to him/her and saying nasty things to them like,"well, you'll do" or anything like that. We want to know we are liked or better yet.. loved.

This is for the LADIES FIRST:

Ladies, don't get pissed and start bitching me out but this is the truth and you all know it.. Including me... We HATE the TRUTH! That's right ladies.. you can't really handle the truth.

If you ask a man,"DO I look good?" an you are wearing an outfit that is WAY too tight on your fat ass or wearing too much makeup that it makes Toucan Sam look tame or even your hair color is completely ABNORMAL to your normality, Don't Expect them to answer what YOU wanna hear! For God Sakes.. Take a fucking HINT and don't ask! Men are so tired of women asking questions that they cannot handle by being truthful.

We ask for them to be honest, yet, when they ARE honest.. you give them the cold shoulder and you tell them to 'FUCK OFF' with your eyes and your body language. This is NOT FAIR to them!

How would you feel if your best friend has just gone to the beauty shop and had her gorgeous blonde hair that was waist length and beautiful and turned herself into the first walking bubblegum stand for Poke-mon??? Come on.. if she asked do you like it.. What the FUCK would you say if you HATED it?? Be honest.. You would LIE TOO to keep her happy.

Don't ASK for the truth if you can't handle it!

Also... Don't constantly NAG at the men and don't keep harping in drama in your life. Men don't really wanna hear all that unless they are gay and have no life.

Normal men do not like naggers or fussers over little petty shit all the time. If something MAJOY happens in your life, then so beit. That warrents a good ear from a friend or lover who can hold you and help you through the bad times. But a broken nail, rude waitress, or mean boss is not something people really wanna hear about so keep it in your hat and out of the conversation field if you wanna have a good time.

Depressing stuff needs to be left alone. And usually if you leave it at the door, chances are, you'll forget about it and have a better time than bringing it inside and pissing people off with your negative attitude.

End for the ladies for now.

NOW.. MEN!! Your turn here...

ASSHOLES are not wanted and they are hardly ever laid if at all!

You CAN NOT be an asshole to a woman. If she does something that offends you, use tactics and think of it as if she has no clue about what you are thinking. Be upfront and honest but above all.. BE NICE! Don't go chew her out infront of everyone in the movies because she did or said something wrong.

If you embarrass a woman, chances are, you are not getting laid by her (if she is a first date) or not tonight for sure (if she is your wife or girlfriend). Women are very sensitive to what people think about her. You being an asshole to her and trying to rule over her has only ended up in a few things... Divorce, breakups, and DEATH!

Yes men.. women who have been abused and are trying to trust again will be ruined if you are an asshole to them. Lorenna Bobbit proved it can be fatal to a man's 'EGO' to piss her off and push her around.

If you have no real clue as to how to act around women.. STAY SINGLE if you can't control your mouth and your attitude if it is bad. Agressive men are nothing but a corpse in wait because someone will eventually either knock you down to size or worse put you 6 feet under.

Dating and attitude is very dangerous and we all know this from the tabloids and newspapers of all the bad things that have happened to others.

In other words.. BE NICE... respect each other and don't be a bitch or asshole to the person you date. It will make everyone very happy and you will have a better chance at a good relationship if you respect each other and are nice.

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